Adventure at Home: A Sunday Safari Here in Texas

[January 9, 2017]

Howdy gang!

You know, one of the most powerful “side effects” of travel is that after a little while it begins to give you a real appreciation for home. A new, deeper appreciation for where you’re from. We were both born and raised here in the Texas Panhandle, and after several years away we at long last returned to this area to live just last year. (Sorry, Austin. It was fun while it lasted!) And ever since we’ve been back we’ve been able to see – and to appreciate – this area in a whole new way. And it’s very cool.

Case in point: it was a beautiful weekend here on the high plains of Texas, and one of our favorite things to do on beautiful Sundays is hop in the truck and go out on what we call our “Sunday Safaris.” You know, just to see what we can see. In addition to its dramatic landscapes and gorgeous sunsets, this part of Texas is super rich in some very cool wildlife, some of which we were able to capture on camera during the drive! So check out some of the shots we got yesterday. Hope y’all enjoy!

Sunday Safari. We like the sound of that. That should be a thing.

Why not venture out on a Sunday Safari of your own some weekend? And let us know what you saw!

Cheers gang! And as always, happy travels!


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  1. Michael Parsons

    Y’all should come hike Palo Duro with me! I go every Sunday. Found a cool spring Apache drawings… it’ll be fun!

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