Wonderful World Wednesday: A View of Heaven from Devil’s Tower

[Posted September 5, 2018]

Well howdy there gang! What’s the haps?

So. As it happens we’ve got a mountain of amazing pictures (along with some crazy stories) from our various adventures around the globe, that are just sittin’ around collectin’ dust, as they say. Lots of stuff that just won’t fit in with the TV show itself anywhere. So we figured we’d start sharing a few of ’em with y’all! You know – like maybe on a weekly basis kind of deal. And call it “Wild World Wednesdays” or “Wonderful World Wednesdays” or something semi-clever like that. What do y’all think? We’re definitely open to suggestions.

Anywho – while y’all chew on that – we though we’d kick the whole thing off with this one. Because this is one of the coolest shots we think we’ve ever taken. And it’s a pretty cool story too. Check it out:

We were road tripping through Colorado/Wyoming/Montana a few years back and had the great luck to be able to spend a night – only one night, unfortunately – at spectacular Devils Tower National Monument in northeastern Wyoming. And if it looks familiar, YES that’s the place where we lowly humans made contact with the aliens at the end of the movie “Close Encounters of the Third Kind.” And it really is a beautiful, beautiful, beautiful spot in real life.

So it was right about this time of year as we recall – maybe a little earlier in the summer – and it was our first ever visit to Devil’s Tower. We rolled into the campground at the base of the tower late in the afternoon and without a reservation, but still managed to snag a sweet little camping spot underneath some stately cottonwood trees next to a creek. Considering we’d only be staying that one night, the setup was pretty simple. We pitched the tent. Started a campfire. Broke out the cooler. Cooked some brats on the fire, and washed ’em down with a few cold beers. And as the fire gently crackled and the sun went down we watched the stars just explode in that big, clear, amazing Wyoming night sky. Pure bliss.

As darkness really set in, we decided to go for a quick walk away from camp to see if we could get a cool picture of Devil’s Tower itself – the staggering 1267-foot rock formation that stood there in front of us like a sentinel, all draped in pitch black against the starry background. And in the process of doing that, we began to notice something that neither one of us had ever seen before – and have never seen since.

They were actually kind of hard to see. But they were definitely there, whatever they were. And they were moving. Not in any particular direction really – but they were waving, kind of like a flag waves in a gentle breeze.

Are those clouds? … Nah. There’s not a cloud in the sky. And they don’t… really… look like clouds… so…

What the hell IS that?

As our eyes got better adjusted to the darkness, these – things – really started to come into view. And when we finally realized what it actually was that we’d been staring at, this incredible, inexplicable feeling came over us. Goosebumps chased the chills that ran up and down our arms and legs and necks.

Holy shit. That’s the aurora borealis. The northern lights.

Oh my God.

They were pretty faint throughout the whole deal – and truthfully this incredible photo we wound up getting has been altered a bit for brightness and contrast to help y’all see them – but these incredible waves of light danced above and behind Devil’s Tower for a good fifteen minutes while we stood there in awe and watched, changing colors from reds to blues to pinks to greens and putting on one unbelievable show before slowly fading into the dark nothingness of the night sky.

It was absolutely magical.

Sometimes out on the road you have those days when things just never seem to go right. And sometimes on the road you have those days when everything aligns, everything comes together, and you get to experience something truly profound. And this was definitely one of those days. And at the place where we made contact with the aliens nonetheless! How crazy crazy crazy cool is that?

Anyway. It was a very special experience, and a very special night for us. And we’re so glad – and so lucky – to have this photo to remind us of it all. Super cool.

Cheers gang. Ever been to Devil’s Tower? Ever seen the northern lights? We’d love to hear your story!

Hope y’all are having a great week. And remember to always keep looking up. 

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  1. Gale Masterson

    Awesome read! Thanks! So…when is the next episode due to start on TV, PBS, to be exact? I miss watching you two and seeing everything you’re encountering while speaking about it! Hopefully, very, very, very soon!! Love you two, many more fun and exciting adventures!!

    • Hey Gale! Thanks so very much! We so appreciate it!! The next season will premiere in the spring, hopefully March/April. We’ll definitely let y’all know when! Thanks again for your kind words and all the best. Cheers! 🙂

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