It’s a Wrap! More from Our Crazy Season Three Shoot in Bolivia

[Posted October 14, 2018]

Wow. Wow. WOW! Check this out y’all!
So we’ve wrapped up what’s been an absolutely epic episode shoot down here in beautiful Bolivia, and we can very sincerely say that this is one of our favorite adventures of all time. And Bolivia is without a doubt one of our favorite countries anywhere in the world. We have had the most amazing time down here!
It’s been such a successful shoot in fact, that y’all can expect to see TWO full back-to-back episodes from Bolivia in season three, because there’s no freaking way we can tell the story of this place in just one. And we think y’all are gonna go wild for it! We can’t wait for you to see it all!
If you haven’t seen ’em already, check out our post from the other day with the photos from the first part of our trip. And then check out these new ones. And hopefully you’ll get a sense of what an incredibly beautiful, beautiful place this is!
But our adventure down here in South America ain’t quite over yet. We’re in Ecudaor now, and tomorrow we’re headed back to another one of the world’s most spectacular places: the Galapagos Islands! So we may be off the grid again for a spell, but we’ll dang sure share the details when we get back. Gonna be an amazing trip!
Cheers y’all! Thanks as always for keepin’ us company out here, and hope you and yours are well. (And staying warm!)
Much love from the road! See y’all on the flip side! 

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