It’s a Wrap! Pics from an Epic Episode Shoot in Incredible Iceland!

[Posted August 12, 2018]

Hey y’all! So we’re back home for a hot minute and getting settled in between adventures. And this last adventure we went on? Holy moly man. Y’all just wouldn’t believe it.

Iceland has always been right there toward the top of our proverbial bucket list, so when a last-minute opportunity came up a few weeks back to jump on board a boat and cruise around Iceland and film it all for season three… well, we obviously weren’t gonna let it pass by. So at the invitation of our good friends at Variety Cruises and with the help of our partners at Adventure Life, we were all able to work some last-minute magic and make this Iceland thing happen! And we can’t tell you how glad we are that it all came together. Because we’ve just had the most amazing time.

We boarded the Variety Cruises ship PanOrama up in the northern part of Iceland in a little town called Akureyri, and we spent the next week hopscotching our way around the north and western coasts, all the way down to Iceland’s capital city of Reykjavik. And it was absolutely epic! There were some ups and downs, some absolutely beautiful days and some rough and rowdy seas, and day after day of some of the most beautiful sights on planet earth. We took a bazillion photos of course, in addition to filming everything for the episode. And we thought we’d share some of the pics with you guys! And through them we hope you’ll get at least some sense of just what an amazing place Iceland truly is. Amazing!

But! Like we said we’re already makin’ arrangements for our next big shoot coming up in a few weeks. And yep, it’s gonna be pretty stinkin’ awesome. Can’t wait! But first, a nap. And some Mexican food. 🙂

Cheers gang! And a huge Texas-sized thanks again to our friends at Adventure Life and Variety Cruises for the opportunity! Hope y’all enjoy the pics, and have a great night!

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  1. Terri LaRue

    I loved Iceland. One night a few years back my husband decided he wanted to see the Northern Lights. So off we went to Iceland in the middle of winter to mark it off his bucket list. And it was a marvelous place to visit. The people were amazingly friendly and the landscape was stunning. And yes, we saw the Northern Lights! Can’t wait to go back and visit in the summer.

    • So so so wish we could have seen the lights! But there’s always next time. 🙂 But it is such a beautiful place! Cheers Terri!

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