It’s Officially Official! Two for the Road is Coming to Television!


[UPDATE! Season one of Two for the Road will premiere Thursday, September 8th at 8:00 p.m. CST on Panhandle PBS! Hope y’all can tune in!]

Yep. It’s actually, actually happening.

We’re so stinkin’ proud and excited to finally announce that our little global adventure travel show is coming to TV!

So check this out: the last several months we’ve been working closely with the good folks at Panhandle PBS on a plan to develop Two for the Road for television. And guess what y’all? It’s a go! Season one of Two for the Road will premiere this September on Panhandle PBS, and will be made available to PBS member stations throughout Texas, Oklahoma and New Mexico. And that’s just the start! We are also working as we speak to secure nationwide distribution to PBS member stations from coast to coast. So, yeah. Giddy. Up.

The announcement was officially made today by Ellen Green, CEO of Panhandle PBS, at the ceremony in which Dusty was inducted into the Amarillo College Matney Mass Media Program’s Wall of Fame. A fitting time and location to be sure, considering Dusty got his start in professional journalism and broadcasting while a student at AC, where Panhandle PBS is based. (More below)

Dusty speaking to the crowd at the Panhandle PBS studio. (Photo: Lynne Groom/Panhandle PBS)
Dusty speaking to the crowd at the Panhandle PBS studio. (Photo: Lynne Groom/Panhandle PBS)

It’s certainly been a long, crazy, emotional road getting to this point – and we’ve obviously got a ton of stuff  and more details to share with you guys in the days, weeks and months ahead. But for right now, suffice it to say we’re incredibly honored and unbelievably excited to be bringing our little travel show to one of the most prestigious and highly respected broadcast networks in the country. And especially proud to be partnering with Panhandle PBS to make it happen!

Thanks to all of you for your continued love and support these last several years, and we can’t wait to take you along on this journey with us! It’s gonna be a heckuva ride indeed.

Cheers gang! More to tell soon! Meantime, we’re gonna go do a little celebratin’… 🙂

Have a great weekend, and happy travels!

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  1. Catherine Waters

    Hopefully we will be able to view Two For The Road on our Louisiana PBS stations soon. Until then will continue visits to your website. Great show, keep up the good work!

    • Thanks SO much Catherine! Great to hear from you! We’re working on getting the show on air in your viewing area!Fingers crossed! Thanks for following along! And hope all is well in Louisiana! I hear you guys may have some visitors soon 🙂

  2. Wow! I didn’t realize I was messaging with a TV star! 😉 I’m very happy for you guys. A dream come true, I’m sure. I look forward to seeing the shows on TV one day, but until then, your website will have to do.

    • Lol! Thanks Tim! It has been quite a ride. We’re definitely super excited! The show will feed nationally in January. Hopefully you will be able to see it in your neck of the woods!

  3. Patricia Empoules

    Great show.

  4. It has taken a while but I finally found you two. Do you suppose you can talk Idaho Public TV to carry you again? Miss you guys!

    • Hi Jim! Thanks for reaching out! We’re feverishly editing 13 brand new episodes for season three of Two for the Road! We’re hoping to have them ready to air in April of next year!! Fingers crossed… We certainly hope Idaho Public TV will air the new episodes once they’re ready. If you wouldn’t mind, we sure would appreciate you letting them know you’d like to Two for the Road. We’ve found local PBS stations really listen to their viewers. Thanks SO much for watching! We’re sure glad to have you along for the ride!

  5. Grant Russell

    i have a grand daughter being married in crete 6 13 2020, iwould love to have afamily cruise prior to the wedding coule you please put me in touch with greek island tou isaw on pbs would be very gratefully my email 84 years old best i can do with typing also have phone 530 432 3840 many thanks

    • Hello! Thank you for reaching out! We did send you an email but wanted to reply here too just in case. Thank you so much for watching our Greece episode. The cruise was magical! We went with a company called Adventure Life. 1-800-344-6118 They’re a fantastic company and have always taken great care of us. Give them a shout and tell them we sent you. They can tailor your experience to make it just like the one you saw in the episode. And please let us know how it goes! We’d love to hear all about it! And tell your granddaughter congratulations for us! Safe travels! 🙂

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