Join Us Nov. 12 for Our Season Four Finale Watch Party! And Let Us Show You the Texas Panhandle!

[Posted November 11, 2020]
Hey guys! It’s hard to believe but our big season four finale is here! And not only is it the only hour long show we’ve ever done (and may ever do), it is personally – to us – the most important show we’ve ever done. And we’d love for y’all to watch along with us!
Come along as we take y’all on a big adventure across our beautiful home – our beloved Texas Panhandle – and get ready to see the Panhandle like you’ve never seen it before! It’s an episode that’s literally been four years in the making, and we’re so proud and excited for y’all to see it! To celebrate we’re co-hosting a very special online watch party with our great friends at Panhandle PBS. And no matter where you live, you are cordially invited to join us! It all starts at 7:00pm Central Time this Thursday, November 12th, and it’s FREE and easy to sign up. Just RSVP at the link below and follow the instructions. We’ll be there LIVE as the show plays to chat and answer questions, as will many of the great folks you’ll see in the show.
It’s gonna be an amazing night guys, and it would mean a whole lot to us to see you there! So get signed up, holler if you have any questions or problems, and make plans to join us Thursday night!
Cheers y’all! Hope you can join us!
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  1. Linda Hunter

    does not show up on direct tv schedule for 6 o’clock mountain time

    • Hey Linda! Sorry for the delayed response! Hope you were able to find the show. If not, it’s here on our website where you can watch it anytime! Thank you!

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