Featured: The British Virgin Islands by Yacht (VIDEO)

Okay. So let’s get something straight, right out of the gate. We’re not yacht people.

There. We said it.

Now don’t take that to mean we’re yacht haters, or anti-yacht. Nope. Not at all. Point of fact, anytime we get the chance to spend some time on a yacht – whether it’s for a week-long cruise or just a five-minute boat show walk through to admire the bathroom fixtures – we’ll damn sure jump at the chance. Who wouldn’t? After all, set foot on a yacht and you are literally the king of the water. It’s a fact.

We’re simply saying that we will likely never ever in our lives own a yacht. Or anything close to resembling something that looks like a yacht for that matter. We once, a few years ago, had a cheap little 18-foot pontoon boat that we used to gleefully terrorize the old folks down in Lake Tanglewood late at night. It even had a fish finder on it. And we thought we were pretty hot shit. And it’s certainly possible that we’ll have one again some day, but it ain’t gonna be anytime soon. This travel gig we have going here sure is fun, and we love love LOVE it, but quite frankly the pay mostly sucks. But we don’t care. We’re driving Cadillacs in our dreams. And if there’s one very, very important thing that our travels have taught us over the years, it’s that money don’t mean nothin’.

But thanks to the very good folks at the Kenyon Grill company and MarineMax Vacations, who were big fans of our video work, we actually found ourselves living the magical yacht life that we never thought we’d get to experience. After we submitted what turned out to be the winning video for Kenyon’s “Kill the Grill” contest, they set us up with聽 our own private 38-foot yacht for a glorious seven-day romp around the gorgeous British Virgin Islands. They pretty much gave us the keys and said, “Y’all have a good time. Explore. Dream. Discover. And take your video camera along so we can see what happens.”

So we did all of that. And more. We shot lots and lots and lots of video over the course of that week, and this, dear friends and readers, is the result. And it was every bit as awesome as it looked.

At the end of the week we were all exhausted, sunburned, hung over and pretty close to flat broke. Which means we did it up right. 馃檪

You Can Do It! You Can Do It All Week Long!

So we learned a great, great deal through the course of our adventure. A lot about the BVIs obviously, but a lot – a LOT – about yachting. The folks at Marine Max gave us a thorough safety briefing prior to departure and we couldn’t have been assigned a bettter, cooler, more knowledgeable captain than Ali. But still it was crazy learning all the ins and outs of not only yachting itself, but basic seamanship and how to live out on the open water. Which leads us to our next thought.

At the risk of embarrassing ourselves, honestly we had never thought of taking a chartered yacht cruise largely because we never really thought that we could. We’re landlubbers from West Texas after all, and even after a few years at the helm of an 18-foot pontoon boat, the thought of cruising the open ocean by yacht just seemed as far away as… well… the ocean. But lots and lots and lots of folks do just that. To be sure a lot of them have experience yachting and can just get in, turn the key and go – but a lot of them (like us) don’t know the first flippin’ thing about it. And they do it and have an absolute ball.

Sailing the British Virgin IslandsNo, it ain’t cheap. Nothing – and we mean NOTHING – in the British Virgin Islands is cheap. But it’s probably more affordable than you think, especially considering the fact that you can share the charter with your pals and everybody can split the costs. That right there makes the idea of a week-long charter in the BVIs seem much more within reach. And if you don’t have experience as a captain? No worries. They’ll hook you up with one, just like they did with us. And honestly we don’t know that we’d do it any other way. After all -why worry about navigating and seamanship and maintenance and all that important stuff when you can kick back on the top deck and get loaded on burgers and rum while someone else does the driving? That, friends, is a good way to go.

So we say all this with the hopes that it will get you to thinkin’ about it. It can be done. There are good people to help you out. And it is one hell of a good time. You’ve gotta get your friends together and do it, at least once.

Cheers y’all! See you at Soggy Dollar….

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Kenyon Grills:聽 http://www.cookwithkenyon.com/

Marine Max Vacations: http://www.marinemaxvacations.com/



  1. Loved the video鈥攁nd the photos are gorgeous too. This looks like so much fun!

    • Nikki Green

      Thanks Jamie! It was an absolute ball. Pretty amazing waking up each morning to such beauty with the only care in the world being which island to see next. We feel pretty blessed to have had the opportunity. Thanks so much for the comment. Cheers!

  2. Nikki, this looks like a dream come true for me. My husband and I almost had the opportunity to do this last year, but unfortunately our plans fell through!! we are still thinking very closely about doing this and it is on our bucket list. looks like you had a wonderful time. I am so jealous!

    • Nikki Green

      Hey Becky! We had an absolute blast. It’s so awesome being able to go exactly where you want to go when you want to go. We hope you get the opportunity to check this one off your bucket list! Be sure to let us know if you do! Happy Holidays!

  3. Loved watching and remembering our trips to the BVI’s. We have gone about 8 times in the past 15 yrs. We love the same places you have been. We are lucky to have my husbands brother, Gary, who lives there. We are planning to go again next yr. Natures secret.

    • Nikki Green

      Nature’s secret for sure Sandy. Such a beautiful spot in the world! Thanks so much for watching. We’re glad it brought back all those great memories. Hope you’ll continue to follow our adventures. Cheers!

  4. Awesome video guys!!
    You two are so entertaining 馃檪

  5. I love the BVI!! MarineMax is doing a great job with their new power yachts.

  6. Even though you’re not yacht people, it looks like a lot of fun.

    • Nikki Green

      Don’t get us wrong, we’ll definitely go out on a yacht anytime someone invites us! It’s just not something we typically get the chance to do. We did have a FANTASTIC time and would recommend the trip to anyone! Cheers!

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