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Hello! And welcome to the official Two for the Road media portal. We’re so glad you’re here! And we want to thank you very sincerely for considering a partnership with Two for the Road.

On this page you’ll find some great information about us and about our Lone Star Emmy® nominated global adventure travel show. Below you can watch the trailer for our epic second season and, as a bonus, view few full episodes from season two in their entirety as well! You’ll also find the latest official Two for the Road media kit, which you can view immediately on the page or download for saving/viewing/printing at a later time. In it, you’ll find out much more about us and the show, including our current audience (and potential audience) figures, our social media numbers, a list of partners we’ve worked with around the world, and more.

Again we sincerely appreciate your interest in our program and we and look forward to working with you directly! And please feel free to give us a shout or drop us a line anytime if you have any questions, concerns or would simply like to know more about our show.

Thanks for your time! And happy travels…

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So we hope you had the chance to watch at least a couple of the episodes above. And if so, we hope you’ll agree that our show is truly unlike any other. We’re the only husband-wife adventure travel show on television, period. Not to mention the only husband-wife team producing, shooting and hosting their own global travel show, and the only husband-wife team to be honored with three Lone Star Emmy nominations for outstanding program, outstanding directing and outstanding photography.

Whether you’ve had the chance to view any of our episodes or not, chances are you’re here simply because you’re hoping to find out more about us and about the show. And truthfully, we could go on and on and on about our story: how we quit our jobs, sold all of our possessions and hit the road to travel the world, and how we turned that story (and our travels) into an Emmy-nominated television show. And we sincerely hope we’ll get the opportunity to tell you that story in person some day.

But in the meantime – and in the interest of brevity – we’ve taken some of the most important facts about us and our show, and packaged it into a concise yet informational media kit. And there are a couple of ways you can view the kit: you can download a copy and save it to your computer by clicking on the link to the right, or you can simply view the whole kit right here on the page, in the viewer console below. Either way, we hope it will give you a more complete picture of just who we are, what the show is about, and the size of our audiences on-line and over the air.

In either case – again – please feel free to contact us directly at any time (email/phone information at the bottom of the page, or just visit our “Contact Us” page) if you have any questions, concerns, or if you’d like to chat about the show and how we can work together. We would enjoy the opportunity to speak with you further!

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