Okay. Here We Go. Eating Rotten Fermented Shark in Iceland! Who Wants Some?


Well, y’all asked for it. So here we go.

Although as you’ll see, our – well, Dusty’s – first taste of the infamous Icelandic delicacy called hakarl – fermented, rotten Greenland shark – didn’t quite elicit the violent reaction we were all expecting (and some of us were hoping for). Darn it. But it was still an interesting experience, to say the least. And one that neither of us is up for repeating anytime soon.

The best parts of all this we think – aside from our very genuine reactions – are some of the very colorful descriptions used by us and others to describe the taste of the meat. So it’s still very much worth a watch. And if you’re in Iceland, hakarl is very much worth a try! If you’re brave enough, that is. 🙂

So. Bon appetit y’all! Who wants seconds?

Cheers gang. Thanks as always for watching!

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