Our Epic Journey Across Peru: Adventure with Inkaterra Hotels

Peru. Ahhhhhhhh beautiful, beautiful Peru.

Not to sound like a couple of jerks, but we’ve actually been lucky enough to visit Peru a handful of times now, and we absolutely love, love, love this country. Easily one of our favorites in the whole world!

It’s a beautiful country from a visual standpoint, of course. Peru’s got vast deserts, beautiful shorelines, stunning mountains, lush jungles and everywhere you look there’s just color and color and color and color. But beyond that, the people of Peru are just beautiful people. Physically and in spirit. And the food in Peru? Hands down our favorite in all of South America. We can’t dive in to a bowl of fresh ceviche or a big plate of aji de gallina or lomo saltado without thinking about alll the amazing meals we’ve had during our adventures there.

And on our last visit to Peru, we actually partnered up with our good friends at Adventure Life and the folks from a fantastic hotel chain there called Inkaterra, who operate a number of luxury eco-resorts across the country. They agreed to host us and take us out on a variety of adventures, and in return we told ’em we’d produce a number of short videos for them to help promote each property. And we had an absolutely amazing time! From the Amazon to Lake Titicaca to Cusco to the Sacred Valley to Machu Picchu, we stayed with Inkaterra and over the course of a few weeks experienced Peru in a way few people can. (A lot of the stuff we shot you’ll recognize from our episodes!) So we’re thankful for them, thankful for the opportunity, and thankful for the memories that we’ll cherish for a lifetime.

So below are the videos we produced for Inkaterra, which themselves are like mini-episodes of Two for the Road. Enjoy! And as always, holler if you have any questions, suggestions, or would like to know more about any of it!

Thanks guys! We appreciate you watching and following along!

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