Our First Visit to Panama City Beach. Giddyup.

Crazy that, as much as we travel, and as many places as we’ve been fortunate to visit around the US, neither of us has ever been to Panama City Beach. Or the whole of the Florida Panhandle for that matter. It’s always just been one of those holes in our travel map. So when we finally got the opportunity to head over to PCB on assignment for Tripfilms, safe to say we were pretty stoked!

Fortunately the timing worked out really well, at least in terms of the crowds. We were months away from spring break and the height of the tourist season, so we had plenty of time and personal space to really get out and explore Panama City Beach without the hint of a headache. Only thing that kinda sucked was the fact it dumped buckets and buckets of rain on the Emerald Coast a few days before our visit, so the water was pretty murky and brown-ish at times. But the beaches were bright white, the folks were friendly, the oysters were fresh and the beer was cold. So, yeah. Giddyup.

Have you ever been to PCB? What sort of experiences have you had there? We’d love to hear your thoughts!

Cheers y’all! See you on the beach…

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