Photo Friday: Amazing Pics from Our Antarctic Landing

Hey gang!

Wow! What an unbelievable experience it was to actually set foot on the Antarctic continent. Just. Crazy.

And better still, despite a few lingering sprinkles of rain, the weather for our landing was absolutely beautiful. The sun spent much of the day (heck, much of the entire adventure) still hidden behind a thick blanket of clouds, but as it turned out the cloudy skies made for some absolutely breathtaking photo opportunities. And we took advantage of as many of those opportunities as we could, naturally. So here are a few hand-selected photos of the many very cool pics we managed to snap that day. Enjoy! And have a great weekend.


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  1. What an amazing picture galley. Antarctica is on our wish list for sure. I’ve started doing some research. Any recommendations for travel companies to check out? We’d like to go an as small a boat as we can afford:)

    • You should definitely make a plan, save up and go! It’s the most incredible place. We went with Adventure Life ( on an Antarctic Peninsula Adventure cruise package, on a ship called the Akademik Ioffe. And we thought it was perfect. Check them out! There are a wide range of boats and prices. And the people at Adventure Life are awesome. You’ll love them!

  2. Joe Halcomb

    Awesome pictures. Had to have been an awesome experience . Thanx

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