Photo Gallery: In Search of Antarctica’s Spectacular Wildlife

If there’s one word that we use entirely too much in describing Antarctica, it’s: magical. Sounds trite, we know… but that really is probably the best word. And the days we spent in Antarctica whale watching, or hanging out with the penguins, or sliding down the snow-packed hills on our butts (with [*ahem*] varying degrees of success) all served to underscore that word and completely justify its overuse. It’s just a magical place, it really is. So here’s a sampling of our many photos taken on those crazy days! Hope you enjoy!


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  1. Wow it really looks magical! I hope that one day we’ll make it to Antarctica too. Your photos look amazing and the thought of snow and ice seems lovely right now, as we’re sitting around in hot South East Asia.

    I hope your knee feels better!

    • Dusty

      Thanks so much Laura! We hope to be in SE Asia for the first time in the fall. We hear nothing but great things! (Aside from the heat LOL) Cheers! And take care ๐Ÿ™‚

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