Photo Gallery: Our Incredible Day with the Maasai in Tanzania

So if you happened to catch this week’s episode, you saw the highlights from what was a very cool day spent among the Maasai people in northern Tanzania. They are indeed a beautiful people with a fascinating culture and way of life! And not only did we get lots of great video during our visit with the Maasai, we managed to take a handful of pretty cool photos as well. So here they are! Just click on any image to open the slideshow gallery.

Hope y’all enjoy. And have a great weekend! Happy travels…

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  1. kitashu nganana

    it very interesting photos and lovely people i am very proud of my culture, more ever i saw my lovely sister staying in front with smile i like it much if possible you can send to me the photos through above email then i show them in the village. lovely Maasai, lovely land of ngorongoro, lovely Nation, lovely visitors.

    • So great to hear from you! We will absolutely email you some photos! It would be wonderful for the people of the village to get to see them!
      We loved your beautiful country. The people were all so very friendly and gracious. Thanks so much for your comment!

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