Photo Gallery: Cool Pics from Our Adventure Filming Across Spectacular Namibia

So. Y’all see the show? Namibia is absolutely spectacular isn’t it? What a place!

The really crazy thing is, what you see in the episode is just a fraction of what we experienced during our 12-day safari through Namibia with the amazing folks at Ultimate Safaris and Adventure Life. We had to cut so much beautiful stuff out of the show it still just makes our hearts break when we think about it. But! Keep checking back here, because we’ll be posting a lot of that extra stuff here on the website as the season goes by, and as soon as we can get it posted!

Meantime, here are some of our favorite photos from our incredible time in Namibia, along with a little about each. Y’all enjoy! And thanks as always for watching. We appreciate you!


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  1. Incredible! Now I want to see Namibia!

  2. Namibia was the most gorgeous travel episode I’ve ever watched!

    • Hey Jack! Wow! Thank you so much. What an amazing compliment! The show did turn out beautifully – although since Namibia is such a beautiful place, it practically photographs itself! Thanks again as we so appreciate you watching. Cheers!

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