Photo Gallery: Pics from Our Epic Adventure Across Beautiful South Africa!

Hey guys! We sure hope y’all enjoyed our big adventure through beautiful South Africa. Wasn’t all that just an amazing ride? Penguins and sharks and charging bull elephants and giraffe and rhinos and bunny chow and WHAT ABOUT THAT SWING? Good Lord! We had such a fun time shooting these shows and meeting so many wonderful people along the way. South Africa is one of those places that exceeded every one of our expectations. And we didn’t even make it to wine country! We know, right?!
Check out some of these cool shots we grabbed during our adventure there, from the Umfolozi Game Reserve to Durban to Cape Town and those groovy points in between. What a ride! And thank y’all so much once again for joining us!
We’ve also got to say a hearty Texas-sized thanks to our great friends at Adventure Life, Wild Routes Africa, New Frontiers Tours, the Umfolozi Big Five Reserve, South African Airways, the Oyster Box and Cape View Clifton for showing us such a wonderful time during our first visit to the country. And we can’t wait to go back!
Cheers gang. Love and hugs to you and yours!

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  1. Timothy Joseph Oleary

    Who provided the music? It has outstanding!

    • Hey Timothy! Thanks so much for reaching out to us! We assume you’re talking about the fantastic song “Who’s Your Heart Beating For” by John Lingard. We fell in love with it! Dusty spends hours looking for the perfect track when it comes to music for the show. So glad to hear you enjoyed it! Cheers and thanks so much for watching!

  2. Love watching your program. When you fly from Durban or Jburg to Cape Town you miss so many interesting things between them. Why don’t you consider driving or hiring a driver? I am an American and have driven most of South Africa over 7 trips there and wouldn’t have it any other way. I enjoy finding nice backpacker places to stay (with private rooms) and rest camps, pay for tour guides at the parks or go to private game reserves to see animals (better chance of seeing), so the only big splurge is airfare, then car rental, which keeps our trips modestly priced so we can do it again and again. I enjoy the challenge of going to the local market and finding something to fix for dinner in our rental accommodations. Staying away from big cities is usually our goal, driving in them is not my favorite part but I am good at Cape Town. Want to help your budget so you can keep on traveling and entertaining us.

    • Hey Barbara! Thank you so much for watching the show and for the kind words! Most times we travel with a wonderful company here in the states. They set our itinerary according to providers who are willing to work with us. It works out great for us because in a normal season we’re shooting 13 episodes. Of course we always wish we could stay longer and explore more but because we do all of the editing ourselves, we unfortunately can’t do that. We’re with you on local markets too! We skip the fancy restaurants and go to markets to cook for ourselves when we can or check out the little local spots for a true local experience. And I’m thankful for Dusty when it comes to driving in big cities as I am definitely not a fan!! We did LOVE Cape Town though and would love to explore the whole area more sometime down the road. Thanks again!

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