Photo Gallery: Welcome Aboard the Sea Star Journey, Our Ride Around the Galapagos Islands


Sure enough. We’ve now had the very cool pleasure and privilege to have visited the spectacular Galapagos Islands twice now in the past few years, and on both trips we were lucky to have been working alongside the great people at Adventure Life and Latin Trails.

Based there in Ecuador, Latin Trails is one of the leading providers of small ship cruises and adventure tours in the Galapagos, Ecuador and Peru. We’ve worked with them a handful of times over the years and we’re proud to recommend them wholeheartedly, and proud to call them our friends!

If you haven’t seen our photos and highlights from our first trip to the Galapagos a few years ago, be sure and check all that our here. For that journey we cruised around the western islands of the Galapagos aboard a Latin Trails boat called the Seaman Journey. And of course we loved every minute of it! So as you might imagine we jumped at the chance to return to the Galapagos last year, when the folks at Latin Trails invited us back down to cruise around the southern and eastern islands aboard their beautiful boat the Sea Star Journey. And again, if you saw the episode, you saw what an incredible experience it was!

We actually got lots of pictures and even did a video room tour of our accommodations aboard the Sea Star Journey, but as it happens not too long after our trip, the folks at Latin Trails sent both the Sea Star Journey and the Seaman Journey back into port to be totally updated, refreshed and refurbished. Not that they really needed it, we thought, because both boats were absolutely beautiful! But now, having seen what they’ve done since the renovations, we can’t wait to get back on board both boats and explore the spectacular Galapagos all over again!

Here are some photos that Latin Trails provided us to share with you guys of the new and improved Sea Star Journey! Aren’t they snazzy? And if you’re interested in taking your own trip to the Galapagos, we’d obviously recommend traveling with Latin Trails and booking through our great friends at Adventure Life. You will be taken care of every step of the way, and you will enjoy the adventure of a lifetime! In fact, here are direct links to the particular cruises we took. Tell ’em we sent you! And holler anytime if you have any questions or comments!

Southern Galapagos Aboard the Sea Star Journey [Click Here]

Western Galapagos Aboard the Seaman Journey [Click Here]

Cheers y’all. Safe and happy travels!

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