Photo of the Day: Spectacular Sunset in the Texas Panhandle

Growing up in the Texas Panhandle you get used to seeing spectacular sunsets, but – and we think folks in the Panhandle will certainly agree – no matter how many of them you see you still never, ever take them for granted. The sunsets in the Panhandle are truly a sight to behold. And after traveling around the world and seeing some beautiful sunsets in some beautiful places, we can still honestly say there’s just nothing quite like seeing the sun sink below that distant horizon on the Texas High Plains. Caught this shot this evening with an iPhone while we were out for a walk. Even heard a symphony of coyotes singing somewhere off in the distance. Magical. ­čÖé

Details of this photo:

Taken with: Apple iPhone 6

Lens: Apple iPhone 6

F-stop: f/2.2

Exposure: 1/380 sec.

ISO Speed: 32

Focal Length:4mm

All images copyright Two for the Road


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