Photos: A Big Texas-Sized Night of Adventure at the Drive-In!

[Posted March 23, 2018]

Hey guys! Wow! So. What and incredible night that was. Too stinkin’ cool!

We had an amazing turnout at the Sandell Drive-In in Clarendon, Texas, Saturday night for the world premiere of our upcoming Texas episode. And it was all just so very cool. The food was great. The beer was cold. The games were hoppin’. The music was fantastic. And we just couldn’t have possibly asked for a more beautiful night weatherwise! Which – considering it is March in the Texas Panhandle – was just so, so dang lucky. We’ll take it!

The folks at the Sandell guesstimate we had a crowd of around 300 people come through the gate! And the concession stand was just covered up with customers, to the extent they dang near sold out of burgers! (Hope y’all got one!) And the response to our first ever Texas episode – which is so important to us and we’re really so proud of it – was just phenomenal. We’re so glad you guys enjoyed it! And we can’t wait for everybody else to see it too.

So thanks y’all, a thousand times, for comin’ out and spending a beautiful Saturday night with us. We so appreciate it! Here are a bunch of photos from the big event, taken mostly by Dusty’s brother Kip who wandered through the crowd to capture all the action (thanks Kip!). So check ’em out! And comment below if you see yourself or somebody you know. 🙂 And let us know what the night was like for you guys! We’d love to hear from you!

Once again we’d like to thank everyone at the Sandell, Texas Dodge in Amarillo, the Clarendon Enterprise, KLSR Radio, Big Bend Brewing Company and of course the great folks at Panhandle PBS and Create TV.

So let’s do this again, shall we? We’ll get to thinkin’ about that. Meantime, stay tuned for more info about a couple of other very cool episode screenings we’ve got coming up. Exciting times y’all!

Cheers gang. And thanks again!

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  1. Roger Finch

    It was a fantastic evening!

  2. Thanks to everyone … you sure know how to throw a party

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