Photos: An Amazing Adventure Through the Peruvian Amazon

Hey guys! Really hope y’all enjoyed this episode from the Peruvian Amazon. What a cool time that was!

In total we spent three nights and four days aboard the Cattleya, which at the time was transitioning between itineraries (which is why we got the entire boat to ourselves). And as you’d imagine we took hundreds upon hundreds of photos during our time in the rain forest! But y’all know what? As it happens not too many of them turned out. We got tons and tons of pictures of blurry little animals and birds way off in the distance, which is where they usually were. Bummer. But hey! Lots of them did turn out! And below you’ll find a smattering of the photos that made the cut. And even if they’re not National Geographic worthy (LOL) we hope they’ll give you an even better feel for the trip. Because it was pretty awesome.

So. Check out the photos! Just click on any of them to make them bigger and read the captions. And keep checking back! We’re working on adding new material to the site all the time, including some groovy behind-the-scenes clips from our adventure aboard the Cattleya.

Thanks y’all! We so appreciate you watching and following along. Cheers!

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  1. joey and mary flores

    We’re booked on the Cattleya, Oct 2020. We booked it and then discovered you had done it when we found this episode on you tube. We saw your Antarctic episode on PBS. The reason I’m looking around here now is to see if you did the Inca Trail, or other hiking in Peru. That doesn’t appear to be the case. Still, we love watching your adventures. We’re just about 2 years behind you.

    • Nikki

      Oh! Fantastic! You will LOVE the Cattleya! We had a fantastic time! We did not do the Inca trail but we did hike Machu Picchu Mountain for episode 13 in season two. Are you hiking the Inca Trail? Have you been to Peru before? It’s one of our favorite countries and we find ourselves going back again and again. Keep us posted! Hope you have a wonderful trip! And thanks so much for watching and for the kind words. Cheers!

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