Gallery: Photos from Our Wild Day Filming in Bangkok

So! Did you see the episode? What a ride, huh? But really – what else would you expect from a legendary place like Bangkok? Pretty cool stuff.

We did have an amazing time exploring Thailand’s City of Angels, and even though it was an action-packed, fast and furious kind of day, we managed to take a few photos while we were out and about filming for the show. And what the heck? We thought some of y’all might like to see ’em. So here you go! And if you have any cool photos or stories of your own you can share, feel free to do so in the comments below! We’d love to hear about YOUR adventures in Bangkok!

So cheers guys. Enjoy the photos, and happy travels!

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  1. Brian Wilson

    Ahhh.. you missed Patpong street…;)
    I want to start a travel show as well… but, a little more “racey”…
    Its called “Off the Beaten Path”….
    Thailand would be the Pilot, since Ive been there a couple times, already…
    Any tips on getting sponsorship?

    • Hey Brian! That sounds super cool! We’d like to push the envelope a little more ourselves sometimes, but PBS is definitely not that platform. lol And to tell you the truth, sponsorship or underwriting is the absolute hardest part of having a television show. Dusty and I do everything ourselves – writing, producing, hosting, shooting, editing – the works. So scouting for sponsors on top of all of that is no small task. We just hit the pavement as much as we can. It’s been really tough, and we hear that from other producers as well. All we can really suggest is work really hard and don’t get discouraged. If it’s your dream and you’re passionate about it, it will work out! Good luck and keep us posted! Cheers!

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