Photos: Celebrating A Terrific Texas-Sized Fourth of July at Home

[Posted July 8, 2018]

Howdy there gang!

For whatever reason it just always seems like we’re never home for the Fourth of July, so we were so dang excited this year to not only be home this past week, but to be able to soak up all the genuine, wholesome Texas/American/Western awesomeness that is the annual Saint’s Roost Celebration here in our little Texas Panhandle town of Clarendon. Parades, rodeos, dances, mouth-waterin’ Texas barbecue and of course great music and great folks…. it’s such a cool time! And absolutely chock-full of American pride and Texas tradition. Click down below and check out a few of the shots we got during the big day yesterday! Good stuff. 
Thanks to everybody involved for putting together such a fantastic celebration! And we sure hope you and yours had a safe and wonderful fourth!
God bless Texas, and God bless America! Cheers y’all!

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