Ushuaia in Photos: Our Adventures in Beautiful Tierra Del Fuego

So we’ll have to admit we were pretty overwhelmed during our time in Ushuaia. Overwhelmed about what, you ask? Damned near everything. We were a little nervous to tell you the truth, just about this whole big adventure in general. Plus, being in a strange place for the first time is always a bit overwhelming to begin with. But most of all, we were just plain excited. Like a couple of eight year old kids all hyped up on Mountain Dew. And that’s probably the reason we only managed to take a handful of photos during our short time there. Shame, too. Because it really is a very cool, very beautiful place. So forgive us for not having more photos of this beautiful place. But we hope you’ll enjoy!


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  1. Raymond moulton

    Isn’t that about the smallest Post Office you’ve ever seen? I did manage to get a few post cards and get the postmark from there. I was there in March with very large snowflakes falling. I would have liked to spend more time in Ushuaia, but was on a cruise from Buenos Aries to Valparaiso and on a bus excursion there. I like both of you, am from the garden spot of Texas (the Panhandle) I was born in Stratford and grew up in Dimmitt. Good to hear people talk like ya’ll again. Keep traveling and learning.

    • Hey Raymond! Thank you so very much. Great to hear from a fellow Panhandle native! And yeah, wish we could’ve spent more time in Ushuaia as well. But Buenos Aries to Valparasio? Sounds like an amazing adventure! Visited both places many, many years ago and sure hope to get back sometime soon. Thanks again! And stay in touch! Cheers!

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