Photo Gallery: Scenes From the Spectacular Holy Week Celebrations in Antigua, Guatemala

We knew it as it was happening. We knew this was going to be a really special experience and a really spectacular episode. How could it not be?

And we’ve been saying this ever since we got to experience the Holy Week celebration in beautiful Antigua, Guatemala, and we’re saying it still to this day: this is indeed one of the most beautiful things we’ve ever experienced. Anywhere. And yes, we are known for our special talent for hyperbole from time to time, but we’ll stand by that statement for the rest of our lives. It was just that amazing.

We’re not particularly religious, believe it or not. We like to think of ourselves as students of all faiths, and cultures, and ways of life and thinking. A wonderful side effect of these many years of travel. But as we said in this episode, even though they are firmly rooted in a couple thousand years of deep and beautiful Christian tradition, the Holy Week celebrations in Antigua really transcend faith and religion. They are a show of life and color and love and faith and family that, the way we see it, will reach into and touch every human heart. It is a spiritual experience for sure, one that celebrates the human spirit as much as it glorifies and honors Jesus Christ. It is truly something else.

It also, we hope, offers a wholly different picture of Guatemala from that which is so callously and recklessly and wrongly thrown about these days by our government and the media. Judging by their accounts alone, it’s not a surprise that a great number of Americans view Guatemalans as “animals” or “criminals” or “invaders” who are escaping their “shithole” country in droves to try and overrun our southern border and threaten our way of life.

What absolute garbage. Don’t buy that for a second.

Guatemala is a beautiful, beautiful country. One of the most beautiful countries we’ve ever visited! And it is absolutely full of beautiful, kind and generous people. We had the great fortune to travel to several different parts of Guatemala during our visit, and every place we went and every person we met only deepened our love for the place. But yes, it is also a very poor country. In fact the world bank estimates that almost 60 percent of people living in Guatemala live below the poverty line. And like many countries in Latin America – heck, like most countries around the world it seems these days – Guatemala does indeed have its fair share of serious problems. And the Guatemalans who risk literally everything they have – including their lives – to try to make it to the United States, are doing so for one reason and one reason only: to build a better life for themselves and their families. To try and earn a piece of this beautiful American dream that is (or was) so admired and wished for by so many people around the world.

We sure hope we get to show you more of Guatemala. And we certainly hope you’ll get the chance to see it for yourself some day! To that end – and to hopefully help stoke your interest further – here are some more photos from our time filming during Antigua’s beautiful Holy Week celebration. Enjoy!

Cheers gang! Love and hugs to all.

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  1. Megan from atitlan!

    Hey guys! Megan and Mike here… We had such an amazing day with you guys on lake atitlan with Carla and pedro! I’m the girl who hooks saints up with smokes. Please pass along the pics from our amazing ride on the back of the truck. We are safe back at home and looking forward to watching all your shows. Thanks for all!

    • Hey girl! So great hanging with you guys! Such a cool time. Glad y’all made it home safely! We’ll get those pics over to ya. Cheers!

  2. Just got back from Antigua, and what an amazing experience! It was 10X what I expected. Incredible!

    • Isnt’ it just amazing Ken? What a beautiful experience (and a beautiful place). Can’t wait for this episode to air next spring. Safe travels! Stay in touch!

  3. Antoinette Coleman

    After seeing this episode on PBS, this destination for this event is topping my post Pandemic travel itinerary. Thank you for the shared experience.


    • It’s a beautiful place for sure Antoinette! We hope you’ll be able to visit! Thanks so much for watching and for the kind words!

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