Puerto Rico: Exploring Beautiful Old San Juan

Okay. So. Puerto Rico. If you’ve never been, we recommend getting there ASAP! For reals.

Aside from all there is to do and see, the really cool part about visiting Puerto Rico is how easy it is to get to and

Old San Juan, Puerto Ricoenjoy. Puerto Rico is after all an unincorporated territory of the United States – which means you don’t need a passport, don’t have to mess with customs/immigration at the airport, the currency is the US dollar (so no pesky, maddening currency conversion necessary), and just about everyone on the island speaks English. Add to all that the sheer beauty of the place and the people, and you’ve got a pretty amazing spot to visit!

We had been to Puerto Rico once before, on a cruise. We remembered it being a wonderful stop, but that’s all it was – a stop on a cruise. We certainly didn’t have nearly enough time there to explore and really get to know the place. So we were super stoked to go back and really get a sense of the place, starting in one of the most popular spots on the island: Old San Juan.

So enjoy! And tell us what you think! Have you ever been to Old San Juan? What was your favorite part?

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  1. awesome nikki and dusty!!!!glad videos are back.bring on more!!!

  2. richard verde

    That was great fun!! Ready to try mofongo!

  3. Loved it Nikki…glad you guys met Nono…he’s super nice. Can’t wait to read part 2! lol

    • Nikki Green

      Hey girl! Can’t believe I’m just now seeing this comment. Sorry….. Thanks! Nono is awesome. We’re super glad we got to meet him too! Can’t wait to see you soon 🙂

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