Puerto Rico: Conquering “The Beast” at ToroVerde

So many elements of our Puerto Rico assignment for Tripfilms came together exactly as we hoped they would: spontaneously. Whenever and wherever we travel we always try to do a fair amount of research, planning and preparation, but in the end it always seems like our favorite experiences are the ones that were totally unresearched and unplanned. You know… the stuff that just sort of unfolds for you while you’re out and about exploring. Very cool when that happens. And if you’re open to that kind of travel, you’d be amazed at how many times it actually does.

Ziplining at ToroVerde Nature Park, Puerto RicoOur experience at ToroVerde Nature Park was just such an experience. Totally unplanned, and in the end wonderfully surprising. Truth be told, we actually looked into visiting ToroVerde while doing our research on Puerto Rico but decided against going since, as you’ll see, we had kind of a been-there-done-that approach. It was only after we arrived in Puerto Rico and got to know Adria from Condado Insider did we reconsider. We had to go, she insisted. And we’re glad we did.

One very cool thing about “The Beast” that you don’t see in the video (unfortunately) is that unlike regular zip lines where you’re strapped into the harness and you fly along in a sort of leaned-back sitting position, on The Beast you actually fly along on your stomach like Superman. In fact we’d say it’s probably as close to experiencing actual human flight as you may ever get. It is definitely a little daunting as you stand there and prepare to take flight, but once you get going it’s a hell of a thrill. Best of all, you feel very safe. You can see the guides getting us rigged up in the video before our rides, and they don’t fool around.

Ziplining isn’t the only thing you can experience at ToroVerde. They also offer a hanging bridges and rappelling, and you can actually combine and mix-and-match from several different tour packages. We’re definitely doing the rappelling next time we go. That looks like a hell of a lot of fun. Prices differ, and you can check it all out on their website.

As we mentioned, the drive from San Juan isn’t bad, and there are several tour companies that will pick you up at your hotel and take you up to Orocovis and back. But if you decide to rent your own car, keep in mind that: a) traffic in and around San Juan, especially around rush hour, is absolutely horrendous; and b) the drive up into the mountains around Orocovis is beautiful but the road is at times congested, narrow and pretty windy (as in it winds back and forth). But the road overall is in excellent shape and so long as you pay attention (and don’t get too distracted by the scenery) you’ll be just fine.

Lastly, there’s a moderate amount of exercise involved with the ziplining tour. Nothing too strenuous, but you’ll be doing a little bit of hiking between some of the platforms. And on a hot Puerto Rico day you’re liable to work up a sweat. So wear comfy clothes, closed-toed shoes or sandals (no flip flops) and remember to hydrate.

Again, overall we really enjoyed our experience at ToroVerde, especially since it was one of those places that we didn’t have much of an interest in initially. So yes, even if you’ve done zip-lining before in other places ToroVerde is worth the trip. As always, feel free to comment, or contact us directly if you’d like to know more.

Cheers guys!

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  1. Diana Belcher

    Love the video! My partner and I are headed to San Juan April 2nd on a cruise stop and we won’t be arriving until 3 pm. So, I thought it would be worth asking fellow Texans what are the ” do no miss” things to do or see while there in the late afternoon until 9:30 un the pm? We love adventure, however, most of the Zip tours begin no later than 2 pm and there is the drive. Your input is greatly appreciated. Thank you! 😉

  2. Dusty Green

    Hey Diana! Thanks for the comment! You guys will absolutely love your time in San Juan. Here’s what we’d recommend, since you’ll only have a few hours to spend: the ship will dock in Old San Juan, and it’s easy to spend several hours there wandering the streets, taking in the vibe, and soaking up the culture. It’s a bit touristy, but still very cool. Check out El Morro (and the incredible cemetery there), grab a drink at Nono’s bar (on the way to/from El Morro), and stop to feed the pigeons in Parque de las Palomas. Outside of Old San Juan – if you have the time – look into taking a helicopter tour with Vertical Solutions (run by a fellow Texan and very cool guy), or a kayaking tour of the biobay east of San Juan. Both are absolutely incredible! In fact, we’ll be posting new videos on both in the next couple of weeks. You can also take a tour of the Bacardi Rum factory, but we’ve heard very mixed reviews about it, to the extent we decided not to go. Hope that helps! Again, you’ll enjoy your time and it will go by fast. Let us know how it goes! 🙂 Cheers!

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