Exploring Beautiful Puerto Rico by Helicopter

Anytime – we mean anytime we get the chance to hitch a ride on a helicopter, we’ll take it. Seriously. Anytime. It really is one of our favorite things to do, no matter where we are.

Puerto Rico Helicopter Tour with Vertical SolutionsThere are lots of reasons why. Helicopters are just really freaking cool for starters. They’re amazing machines and a hell of a lot of fun to ride. Secondly, when you want to do any kind of aerial photography or videography, shooting from a helicopter is almost universally the preferred method of flight. You can go low and slow and you can capture some phenomenal material. And thirdly, there’s just no better way to get the overall sense of a place than by going up in the air a few hundred or thousand feet and taking a look around. And many times you’ll see some pretty incredible things – things that you had no idea were there to begin with.

So one of the first things we did when planning our visit to Puerto Rico for Tripfilms was contact the folks at Vertical Solutions, a helicopter service that operates out of San Juan. And the owner there – a very cool guy (and fellow Texan) named Greg… said they’d be happy to give us a lift.


Puerto Rico’s a pretty place to be sure, but we had absolutely no idea there were so many beautiful sights to be seen around the island. Especially those deep canyons and massive waterfalls, which again are pretty much inaccessible by any other means than helicopter. And what we saw on our tour was only a fraction of what’s out there. Very cool.

Again, our thanks to Greg and the gang at Vertical Solutions. All of the aerial footage you’ve seen throughout our Puerto Rico series we captured on our ride with them, and it all came together quite nicely. They were a super bunch to work with, and happy and eager to show off the island’s astounding beauty from the air.

The tour we took was only one of many tours that they offer. One of the coolest we think (and which we hope to go on next time) includes a ride over the spectacular Arecibo radio telescope, the largest of its kind in the world and truly a sight to see.

Our chopper was modern, very comfy and the ride was extremely smooth. Helicopters in our experience are a much easier ride than fixed-wing aircraft and much, much easier to handle if you happen to have a queasy stomach. If you have a tendency to get airsick it’s always a good idea to pop a Dramamine ahead of time anytime you take a sky ride, but it’s our guess that the trip won’t bother you at all.

The tours are quick. Again, you can pick and choose from the several that they offer – but if you’re coming in on a day trip on a cruise you should have plenty of time to include a helicopter ride and still manage to explore the sights like Old San Juan on the ground. Vertical Solutions in fact operates from the airport right across the harbor from where the cruise ships dock (rather than the international airport outside of San Juan), so they’re just a short cab ride away.

So – whether you’ve had experience on helicopters before, or you’d like to try a ride for the first time – we’d really recommend going up with these guys. You’ll totally dig the ride, and again you’ll manage to get some incredible shots from the air.

Next week: our eighth and final installment from our incredible Puerto Rico adventure! See you then.


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  1. nannymcfee

    love it!!!!

  2. What a beautiful tour! I have been to Puerto Rico and can’t believe I never thought to see it from above. Oh well, I guess we’ll just have to go back!

  3. Nikki Green

    Yep Nikki! You always need a reason to go back 😉 Hope you guys are doing well!

  4. So, do they offer only tours or can you book, say, transport to one of the islands for a group of people? I’ll contact them, just wondering if you picked up any info, or had any tips. Heading to Vieques from SJU 🙂

    • Nikki Green

      I’m pretty sure you can book anything through them! They’re a wonderful company. Their website is linked above under Vertical Solutions. Talk to Greg – I’m sure he’ll fix you up. Great folks!

  5. Hey guys that’s a great clip I loved it you are doing a great job…..thanks for the props and hope to see you around PR again sometime. Take Care. Greg and the guys from Vertical!!

    • Nikki Green

      Thanks Greg! You guys are great! Anything we can do to let folks know about you guys! Hope to see you again sometime soon. Cheers!

  6. Just watched the video “Two for the Road”. Really brought back a lot of memories of previous trips and tours. Great camera work and great narration. Hope to return someday

  7. Esteban Fuertes

    I just happened to watch you tour of PR just a year after Maria, how can we acquire your videos of the island? Because of Maria and because our children live in the US we moved to VA and want very much to have them

    • Hi Esteban! Great to hear from you. SO glad you enjoyed the shows. We absolutely LOVE Puerto Rico and have many wonderful friends there! You can watch the shows on our website under episodes and extras and on Roku. We can also send you links if you’d like us to. We’ll be making DVDs of the entire seasons soon too. Thanks so much for watching! We sure appreciate it!

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