Puerto Rico: Surfin’ and Chillin’ in Lovely Isabela

So after a wild, crazy fun several days of criss-crossing the island of Puerto Rico in search of adventure and the ultimate “Puerto Rico experience,” we finally decided we needed a little down time.

In all, we’d been in Puerto Rico for almost a week and thus far hadn’t been able to spend more than a single hour just sitting on a beach, soaking up the sun and drinking a few cold ones. And that, friends, is a crying shame.

So considering we still had a couple of days left before we had to get back home, we thought we’d carve out some “us” time and find a place to kick back.

We originally planned to visit a little surf town called Rincon on the west side of the island, because it’s a place well-known for its laid-back vibe, beautiful beaches and of course its excellent surfing. But in talking with several locals in San Juan, we were almost unanimously told to skip Rincon and instead head for a hole-in-the-wall kind of place called Isabela on the northwest corner of the island.

Isabela, Puerto RicoIsabela? Never heard of Isabela.

So we got on the computer to do a bit of research, and the sure enough place looked pretty awesome. Just what we were looking for in fact. So we loaded up our super-bright green rental Jeep and headed that way, cameras in hand of course.

Isabela really is a hidden little gem where you can go and get away from it all. And even though it’s your classic hippie-slacker-surfer kind of town there are still a wide variety of places to stay and to eat, from “dirt cheap” all the way to “five star” Personally, we fit better into the “dirt cheap” crowd and we absolutely loved the place.

Isabela, Puerto RicoThe Villas del Mar Hau is neither dirt cheap nor very expensive. It’s a great middle-of-the-road option, and considering it’s awesome little cabanas and its location right on the beach, we’d definitely recommend it.In addition to the beachfront balcony, our room came with a flat-screen TV (with more channels than we got anywhere else on the island we think) and a kitchen that we used to make our own meals. The beach in front of the hotel is excellent, and as mentioned in the video they have sort of a natural pool area on the beach that stays calm and is especially great for kids.

We’d like to thank Enrique, Jose and the rest of the team at Aquatica Dive Shop for treating us to the surfing lesson. Which, by the way – aside from the whole losing-the-camera fiasco – was excellent. Seriously. Enrique was a great instructor and everyone at the dive shop was very cool. Next time
we hope to do a little scuba diving with them, because we understand the diving in the area is spectacular. We’ll just be sure to keep a better handle on the GoPro.

Isabela, Puerto RicoLastly, we’d like to thank Iris Rodriguez, who lives in Isabela and agreed to be our guide around town (and is also one of the interviews lost in the GoPro incident). She worked her butt off to make sure we got everything we needed and that we saw as much of Isabela as we could in the course of a couple of days. You could tell she really loves the area and is proud to show it off to new visitors.

As mentioned that wraps up our Puerto Rico video series, but watch in the next couple of days for another blog in which we’ll wrap everything up and spell out our very favorite things to do, places to stay and places to eat on the island.

Cheers y’all! Have a great weekend…

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  1. richard verde

    What a great spot. Now you have alerted multitudes who will swarm it.
    Love it!

  2. Nikki Green

    It was pretty remarkable! Maybe we’ll take you surfing there sometime since it worked out so well for your son hehehehe 🙂 Love you!

  3. Virginia Lopez

    My beautiful hometown,miss the beaches and very happy you guys enjoyed it. Glad That I was able to take my husband this past year and he loed it.

    • Nikki Green

      What a beautiful hometown! We enjoyed every minute of it! So happy you were able to take your husband to see how fabulous it is!! Cheers!

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