Bardstown: Back to America’s Most Beautiful Small Town

So we’re just about fully rested and recovered from our crazy fun week at the Kentucky Bourbon Festival a couple of weeks ago, and we’re working on a couple of blogs and a full bourbon fest video which we hope to have ready to share next week (knock on wood).

Meantime, we also wanted to use our recent visit to Bardstown to re-introduce everybody to this little corner of Kentucky and show more of why we chose it as the Most Beautiful Small Town in America. As we mentioned in our last blog, there was this certain feeling we got about Bardstown during our super-quick Best of the Road visit that just drew us in right away. And as much as we liked the video we produced for the BOTR experience back in June, we felt it was… well… lacking in a few areas. Particularly when it came to capturing Bardstown’s small-town charm that we felt so good about.

So during our return trip was decided to try and capture more of that feeling and put it into a fresh new video. And even still it doesn’t quite do this little town justice. But we think it comes pretty darn close. So here it is. Enjoy! And be sure to hang in there to the very end. We love love love the closing sequence.

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  1. Great video!!! Makes me want to visit Bardstown in a BIG way!!!!!

  2. I just cried a little bit. What an amazing video! You capture everything so perfectly. You all are wonderful.

  3. The Balloon Lady

    You always make us not only look good…but feel good too.
    See you in December.

  4. You all have done such a wonderful job, not just with your video and capturing what Bardstown truly is, but you have instilled more pride in this community that I can remember. Folks around here seem to walk a little taller and a little more prideful, myself included. Thank you both for reminding me about the “Secret of Bardstown!” I so believe you have found it as well. Visit again soon!

  5. LOVE the video you two!
    I’m now really craving some bourbon. Get me to Kentucky!

  6. Nikki Green

    Thanks guys! We are big fans of Bardstown. It’s a must see. And the bourbon is pretty good too 🙂

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