Let’s Roll! Check Out the Two for the Road Season One Trailer!

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HOW? How can you take literally hundreds of hours of incredible footage from adventures around the world and whittle it all down to a short little three-minute highlight reel? Well friends, we still don’t know that it’s truly possible, but this is our valiant attempt at it. So here it is! The official Two for the Road season one trailer!

Gotta tell you though – the most incredibly frustrating thing about editing this trailer was having to leave so much good stuff out of it. Some of our very best, most spectacular, most compelling stuff got left on the proverbial edit room floor this go round. Like the shot of the sea lion doing circles around a flightless cormorant underwater in the Galapagos. Or when we stumbled into the Great Migration in the Serengeti in Tanzania. Or when we climbed atop the Great Wall of China near Beijing. Groovy stuff like that.

Good news is, all that’s coming down the road. We do have some incredible footage and some amazing stories to share, and we sincerely hope you’ll tune in and follow our adventures. We know you’ve got a lot that demands your attention day in and day out, but we hope you’ll let us distract you for a few minutes every week. And the coolest thing of it all would be if watching some of this stuff convinced you to take at least a little bit of time out of your life to strike out on an epic adventure of your own. (Although we’ve gotta warn you, your life will change dramatically and wonderfully the moment you do.)

So enjoy this little taste of what’s to come! Let us know what you think. And be sure to catch our premiere episode September 8th on Panhandle PBS!

Cheers y’all! An we hope you enjoy the ride. 🙂

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