Texas, Our Texas: A Magical Night at the Mulkey Theatre in Our Hometown of Clarendon

[Posted May 26, 2019]

Yep. What a wonderful night it was! We were so honored and excited to help re-introduce the historic and beautifully restored Mulkey Theatre to the world last night here in our little hometown of Clarendon, Texas. So very cool!
Originally built back in 1946, the old theater had been closed for more than 30 years, until some dedicated folks here in town decided to save the Mulkey from almost certain ruin. And last night was the culmination of all the hard work and love and passion they’ve put into this project for more than a decade. It’s such an inspiring story!
Huge congrats to Roger, Ashlee and everyone involved in the effort! We are thankful for you and so thankful to have the Mulkey back!

Be sure to take a sec to check out the theatre’s website and learn more about this inspiring story! Just click here.
Cheers y’all. Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend!

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