TFTR Sidetracked: A Video Tour of Our Antarctic Expedition Ship

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So understandably the first question that came to our minds when we discovered we’d be traveling on a Russian expedition ship during our Adventure Life journey to Antarctica was: what’s THAT gonna be like?

So right away we hit the internet. We scoured the web for weeks digging for photos and videos, and fortunately we were able to get some sense at least of what to expect once we got on board the Akademik Ioffe (which is operated by the awesome folks at One Ocean Expeditions). But even at that, there was nothing out there that we found that we felt really gave us a good idea of what life is really like around the ship. So, one of the first things we did when we finally got on board and got settled in was to take our camera around the Ioffe and do our best to fill in that gap for you guys, and for other travelers considering taking the trip. And we’re not saying the result is perfect, but it’s a pretty decent look around the ship. Wish we would’ve gotten more, of course. But you know what they say about hindsight and all.

akademik ioffe smallHave no question, the Ioffe is not a luxury vessel. It is still a working scientific research ship and it is appointed as such. But having said that, we found the Ioffe to be absolutely perfect in almost every way. We’re not big “luxury” people to begin with, and c’mon… we’re headed for Antarctica for Pete’s sake. Antarctica! The ultimate destination. The ultimate adventure. Not that we’d have ever turned down any opportunity to visit the White Continent, but given a choice we definitely would not want to be coddled by stewards in white coats as we lounged in overstuffed Corinthian leather seats while sipping on fine brandy (as wildly inaccurate a thought as that might be). We wanted something real, for lack of a better way to put it. Something that really fits with the idea of being a part of the world’s greatest adventure. We wanted an adventure battleship. And that’s exactly how we lovingly describe the Ioffe. An adventure battleship. Sounds cool, huh?

Don’t get us wrong… the Ioffe is still plenty comfortable. No complaints on that whatsoever. In fact, no complaints at all really. And from day one we knew full well that the ship was forever going to be a big part of some of our grandest memories. So enjoy the tour! And of course, please, please feel free to ask us any questions or leave a comment. Love to hear from you!

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