Episode Extra: Sippin’ Homemade Vodka in Antarctica! (VIDEO)

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Yep. Vernadsky Station is just a super, super cool little place. For real. So much so, in fact, we thought we’d share a little bit more of our visit there with you guys.

A few notes: One thing you really won’t get a sense of from this video (or this week’s episode) is how freaking cold we were when we finally made landing on Galindez Island. Vernadksy Station is only big enough to accommodate a certain amount of people at one time you see, which means that we all had to take turns visiting the station in shifts. So a couple of Zodiacs would make landing and visit the station and sample the vodka, while the other zodiacs would continue cruising around the island among the icebergs looking for cool stuff.

And there is, of course, a LOT of cool stuff to see out on the water. But to be honest, after a while cruising in the Zodiacs and waiting our turn to make landing, it got to be pretty damned miserable. We really can’t understate how nasty that cold Antarctic rain really is. And that freaking rain stayed with us for pretty much the majority of the entire trip. So, yeah. Not that we’re complaining… seriously we’re not… because we absolutely cherished every moment we got to spend in Antarctica regardless of the conditions. But that doesn’t change the simple fact that the rain sucked. Big time.

Vernadsky Station, AntarcticaSo when it was finally our turn to visit the station, we were overjoyed and damned near frozen to death. And actually the nasty conditions outside probably made our visit to the station all the more enjoyable. The Ukranians themselves were very welcoming and very friendly, and the vodka absolutely hit the spot. Good times.

One other very interesting (and very random) thing to note about the “Southernmost Bar in the World” is the impressive collection of ladies’ undergarments the Ukranians have stockpiled over the years and now proudly display behind the bar. Turns out, if you (ladies) donate a bra or a pair of panties to the cause, they’ll hang them from the ceiling along with the rest of the collection… and you get a free shot of their homemade vodka in return. So… be sure to take an extra set with you if you want a drink on the house.

Homemade vodka at Vernadksy Station

And the vodka itself? It wasn’t Tito’s by any stretch. But it really wasn’t half bad.

So cheers gang! Enjoy more of our visit to Vernadksy, courtesy of Adventure Life and One Ocean Expeditions, and y’all stay warm. 🙂


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