Episode Extra: Now THAT’S a Giant Amazon Cockroach (VIDEO)

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So we’re a couple of days into our stay at the beautiful Huaorani Ecolodge deep in the Amazon jungle of eastern Ecuador…. when we find an unexpected guest has decided to make itself at home in our bathroom. And what happens from there is… well… entertaining. Unless you’re a giant face-eating soul-sucking Amazon cockroach.

Something important to note here: the little guy may look dead in the video, but believe us he was still very much alive. He was just playing dead. That’s how they draw you in close so they can attack you and eat your brain.

And just to be perfectly clear, we absolutely loved our stay at the lodge, and the fact that we found a giant cockroach in our cabin didn’t (and doesn’t) change anything about that. The way we see it, these types of encounters are simply part of life and part of the adventure – especially when you’re staying deep in the Amazon rain forest. And we would still absolutely, positively recommend the lodge to anyone – unless you have a problem with bugs and critters and creepy-crawly things. Then, let’s face it… you have no business being in the Amazon to begin with. Straight up.

So! Having said that, our apologies to the cockroach, and to anyone offended by the fact the poor little guy聽met with a watery end. The good news as far as that goes, is that there are still a more than few of them out there.聽And to all you other giant demon cockroaches out there, let this be a warning.

Cheers gang! Happy travels! And always remember to flush…

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  1. Diane McCleskey

    O.k., but what if it can swim and comes back and is sitting in the bowl waiting for you and then it will eat your you know what……Perish the thought.

    • Ewwww! Yes. Perish the thought! Although truth be known, I did watch for that very thing each time I went to the bathroom. Because I’m afraid his revenge would NOT have been good! 馃檪

  2. Same size as the Florida cockroaches (we call them palmetto bugs).

    • Whew! I do not like them flying around and bumping into me when I’m fresh out of the shower! But I guess that’s to be expected when you’re in the Amazon… (and Florida apparently). lol

  3. We wanna see when it bumped to your fresh out body

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