Episode Extra: Making “Chicha” with the Huaorani (VIDEO)

[Click on the image above to watch the video]

So if you’re like us, you enjoy a fine adult beverage from time to time. And when given the chance to not just sample – but actually MAKE a batch of homemade, traditional Huaorani chicha while in the Amazon… well… how could we refuse?

But little did we know at the time, that making a good Huaorani chicha… can get a little… weird.. Check it out!


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  1. Deann Mancuso

    oh Niki you are one tough lady!! I would not be able to do that at all!!! You go girl. Thanks for sharing very interesting!!!!

    • Lol Deann! It was definitely NOT the easiest thing I’ve ever done. Not by a long shot. But I guess you only live once right? 🙂

  2. Barbara Hawkins

    OH Boy !!!! Now when did you say we are invited for dinner? Nick your way Tougher than me for sure!!!!!!

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