TFTR Sidetracked: What (and Where) to Eat in Ushuaia

Welcome to the inaugural installment of what we’re calling Two for the Road: Sidetracked. Giddyup!

So when we’re out on our adventures we tend to shoot a stupid amount of video footage. We’re talking literally hours and hours of stuff. Enough footage in fact, that most every week (but probably not every single week) we’ll be including these little vignettes or companion pieces to our regular Tuesday episodes featuring some of the stuff that didn’t make it into the episode itself, for whatever reason. Could be because we just didn’t want the episode to run too long. Could be that the material just doesn’t really fit with the episode creatively. Or it could be because it just makes a nice compliment to that week’s episode. And that’s what we’ve got for you this week.

We’re not big foodies, necessarily. And over the course of our adventures you”ll notice our tastes in food are pretty simple. Maybe it’s just a reflection of our small-town roots, who knows? But if we had the choice between a greasy one dollar ballpark hot dog, and habanero peach-infused wild boar chorizo and duck confit street tacos topped with green papaya-jieama slaw and avocado puree served in a gluten-free waffle cone… well, call us crazy – but we’ll just take the hot dog please. A couple of ’em, actually. Add mustard and jalapenos and that’s all we really need to live and be happy.

But our general aversion to trendy foods notwithstanding, on the occasion we do find something interesting to film food-wise, we’ll certainly give it a shot. And we predict that’ll happen fairly regularly. And being in Ushuaia on our awesome Adventure Life adventure, and hearing SO much about the king crab, we knew this would be a good opportunity. So enjoy the king crab and wine!

What about you? Consider yourself a foodie? Or are your tastes more traditional, like ours? Tell us why!

Cheers gang, and bon appetit!

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