That Crazy Prada Store in Marfa: Yes! It’s a Real Thing! (Sort of)

Hey guys! So if you didn’t already know about the Prada Marfa store, we’re sure you’re asking yourself: what the hell? And fair enough. That’s probably the universal reaction people have when they first find out about this crazy awesome little place.

But first thing’s first: if you go out to West Texas lookin’ for this thing, know that it’s not actually in Marfa. Or even that close to Marfa, really. As the video and pictures would suggest, the Prada Marfa store is way the hell out in the middle of nowhere, roughly 36 miles west of Marfa on highway 90 toward the town of Van Horn. It’s actually closest to a little town called Valentine, but it’s close enough to Marfa we reckon (geographically and spiritually) that folks have just been calling it Prada Marfa and over time the name’s just stuck.

And no, it isn’t actually a working, operational, real-life Prada store. It’s not a store at all, in fact. It’s a permanent art installation built by a couple of Scandinavian artists called Elmgreen and Dragset. It was erected in 2005 as part of what the artists called a “pop architectural land art project.”

But yes, that’s real Prada merchandise inside. And yes, it has actually been broken into and vandalized a couple of times over the years. The night the thing was unveiled in fact somebody broke in and stole six handbags and 14 right-footed shoes and spray painted graffiti on the sides. But modern security features have since been installed and today (for the most part) the building just sits there by itself on the side of the highway and greets the occasional passer-by who stops and stares and takes a few photos and then drives along his or her merry way. And being “modern art,” the meaning or purpose of the building is of course left to the individual to try and figure out. But whatever it stands for, it’s just pretty stinkin’ cool. And a welcome sight out in the middle of that vast stretch of lonely desert. Good stuff.

Below are a few more pictures from the short time we spent there filming! Luckily we had an absolutely beautiful morning that day.

So enjoy. And cheers guys! Thanks as always for watching!

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