Photo Gallery: Pics from a Big Time Filming in the Heart of Texas!

So for sure by now y’all know we’re born-and-raised, died-in-the-wool, hundred-percent proud Texans. And no matter where our travels around the world have taken us, we have always called (and always will call) Texas our home. Though we were both born and raised up in the Texas Panhandle (where we still live today), we actually lived down in Austin for about eight years or so. And Good Lord did we have a good time living there.

But y’all might now know about the promise we made to ourselves when our little travel show started to take off. A promise that every single season, for as long as we’re able to do this, we will include at least one show in Texas. Absolutely. Last season we made our first-ever trip to Big Bend and filmed what turned out to be a really spectacular show, and this season (season three) we knew we had to get back to our old stompin’ grounds in Austin and the Hill Country and show y’all around. Naturally we weren’t able to include all of our favorite spots and stories into a 30-minute show, but we’re super proud of how it all came out! And we hope y’all enjoyed it.

Here are a few fun photos we snapped while filming this show, which for some reason we decided to film in the scorching heat of late June LOL. But it sure made the cool waters at Krause Springs feel that much better!

Cheers y’all! Hope y’all are havin’ a great day! And thanks as always for watching!

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