The Cambodian Genocide: Links, Websites and More Information

Hey guys. So our visit to Cambodia surprised us in more ways than we can count. And it enlightened us in more ways than we can count. Which is always the sign of an amazing adventure.

And have no doubt, our time in Cambodia was absolutely amazing, even though it didn’t come together the way we thought it would. We never expected the people of Cambodia to have such a profound impact on us. And then to learn more about all that the folks there have been through, it just made the experience so much more profound.

We’d heard bits and pieces over the years about the Khmer Rouge and what happened in Cambodia back in the 1970s, but the little bits of things we’d heard or been taught just didn’t prepare us at all for the incredibly harsh reality of what transpired there over the course of that decade. There is the terrible reign of the Khmer Rouge of course, but what really surprised – and angered us – as we learned more and more about what the Khmer Rouge did to Cambodia and its people, was the role that the U.S. government played in it all. And that was an absolute eye-opener.

Now, there’s a fair amount of debate and conjecture as to how much responsibility the U.S. bears for the rise of the Khmer Rouge. But there’s little room for debate when it comes to the secret U.S. bombing of Cambodia and the effect it had on the Cambodian people.

So we hope, through both the episode on TV and through the information presented here, that you will at least take a little bit of time to learn more about it all, and then draw your own conclusions. And to help you do that, below we’ve compiled a few links to some very thorough and informative articles and websites that do a great job of laying the whole thing out. And once you’ve had the chance to read them, definitely feel free to holler back at us and let us know how you feel about it all.

As always, thanks so much for watching, y’all. And for your interest in our travels and the stories we tell. And this particular story is absolutely one of the most important we’ve ever tried to tell. We’re not here to preach, or to make you believe one thing over another. But we do want to help spread the word about some of the things that have happened – and are still happening – in places around our world that we think need more attention. And again, the Cambodian genocide and how it began (and ended) is certainly one of those things.

Cheers guys. [Links below.]

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Wikipedia: the Cambodia Genocide

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Highly Recommended Reading: Buo Meng, a Survivor of S-21








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