The Season Four Premiere is Here! Watch Two for the Road: Adventure in Namibia (Full Episode)

Episode description: In the season four premiere of Two for the Road, Nik and Dusty head out on safari across the vast, spectacular deserts of Namibia – where they explore some of the world’s largest sand dunes, see how climate change is affecting some of Namibia’s most legendary people, and go in search of one of the world’s most unique and majestic animals.

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Funding for season four of Two for the Road is provided by:

American Safari JXL, Herd Wear and the Buffalo Wool Company, and the Saint’s Roost Expedition Company.

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  1. This episode on Namibia is one of my favorites – you guys get it! When we came back from a self drive holiday in Southern half of Namibia, through the Namib desert, all excited for our return to do other parts, people couldn’t understand why we like it so much when we talked about no cell phone or radio signal, driving for hours without seeing another person, not speaking so we could hear the silence (and enjoy it). Camping the Koichab pan (by Luderitz – between, Kolmanskup and Aus) was breath taking. Sitting on the sand dunes at night, look at the millions and millions of stars, feeling like the Little Prince – priceless. Can’t wait for our next self drive trip in Namibia once we get travel restrictions off , visit relatives. Trying to get to Victoria Falls using camping truck – should be an interesting self drive with the lack of towns and accommodations along the route plus we are not spring chickens anymore.
    To walk in sand dunes you need to wear pool socks, without holes in the bottom, and crew socks that fit tight above the ankle. You wont have all the extra weight of sand in heavy shoes. Best tip I got from someone living in Michigan by the sand dunes and worked well in Namibia.

    • Oh my gosh, Barbara! Namibia is an incredible, incredible place! But you already know that!! 😉 We were stunned at every turn and would LOVE to go back one day! It sounds like you’ve seen so much there. That’s wonderful! And thanks for the tip on the pool socks! Whew! That was something! Thanks again for watching! We sure appreciate it! Cheers!

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