The Two for the Road Podcast Episode 3: How and Where It All Began! The Birth of Two for the Road

[Special note: these episodes were recorded shortly before the COVID-19 pandemic swept across the United States, and as such we don’t mention or talk about it at all. But hey! We could all use a little break from all the bad news from time to time, don’t y’all think? Thanks for listening, and y’all stay safe and healthy!]

You could say it all started in a karaoke bar! Or at a Dallas Cowboys game. Or in a ridiculously oversized hot tub. And like all grand adventures, the Two for the Road story is full of fascinating twists and turns, dramatic highs and lows, and lots of joy and heartbreak. And in this episode, Nik and Dusty take you back to the very beginning – from how they met, to how they sold everything and quit their jobs, and how a devastating rejection by the Travel Channel actually paved the way for everything else to come. Enjoy! Press the green play button below to listen in. Follow along. And don’t forget to subscribe!

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  1. Geez, I love these podcasts! I sent you a long email on Facebook after #2, but #3 is beyond belief that you could actually accomplish your objective – at 35 I would have dreamed of doing what y’all did, but now at 76 I am so having fun living vicariously through these old trips. If you’re ever back in Borger would love to meet you both and but you (when we can actually but again) and try and tell you what a joy it has been to see your shows and to listen to your adventures! Thx much, Dusty and Nik! Waiting for the next episode – be safe – CC MOSES

    • Thank so you much Cheri! It’s been one heck of a ride for sure! And we’ll definitely make it back over to Borger when we can. Would love to meet you too! Thanks again, take care, and please stay in touch! Cheers!

  2. p.s.Hug, no but should have shown My texting leaves much to be desired

  3. Just finished podcast two and it was fantastic. Trying to visualize Rusty covering our football games here in Borger but a 4A division – having just moved to Borger from Dallas several years ago, having trouble visualizing Borger in better days – love Dusty’s memory of Borger and the newspaper is still here, at least. Channel 7 is what we watch everyday, so that was fun to hear about and made me more aware of what happens behind the scenes ! Just think, Dusty, you could have the Panhandle version of Jordan Spieth and might even have best him with the way he’s playing now (bless his heart)! Thx for sharing your story and looking forward to getting to travel again through y’alls 4 season – you guys are great and so real and so fun (p.s., Dusty- channel 7 could maybe use you again I’m just saying!)

  4. Scott Spencer

    Dusty please please please take a trip to the Texas Panhandle, Amarillo and well you know any and everyone and everything here. We miss you we love you and Nikki on KACV tv. Please come see us

  5. Ryan Goss and Dana Hubbard

    My wife and I love your podcasts! Your stories are great; not boring at all. And we feel the love you two have for each other. Please keep these coming!

    • Thanks so much guys! We sincerely appreciate it! We’ve got more podcasts and shows coming. Thanks for listening and watching! Y’all please stay safe and healthy and stay in touch. Cheers!

  6. Michelle Faries

    I enjoy the show, enjoy the podcast, and I am amazingly surprised how well y’all get along. Being with someone 24/7 I’m sure has it challenges, but it is so refreshing to see people genuinely enjoying each other’s company. Thank you for your enthusiasm, your stories of the road and example of love to each other and everyone you meet.

    • Hey Michelle! That’s awesome. Thank you so much! We’re blessed to have each other and to be able to do what we’re doing. And we con’t take any of it for granted. 🙂 We so appreciate you watching, listening, and taking the time to write. Thanks again! Take care and be well!

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