The Two for the Road Podcast Episode 4: “And Just Like That, We Had Our TV Show.” LOL!

[Special note: these episodes were recorded shortly before the COVID-19 pandemic swept across the United States, and as such we don’t mention or talk about it at all. But hey! We could all use a little break from all the bad news from time to time, don’t y’all think? Thanks for listening, and y’all stay safe and healthy!]

It was a crazy idea that took dozens of countries, thousands of miles, a handful of heartbreaking setbacks and more than a decade to actually come together. And in this episode Nik and Dusty talk candidly about the long and winding road that finally brought them to their dream of producing their own nationally-broadcast travel tv show. Plus! How they make money, why they’re not on Youtube, and why they’re okay being the “black sheep” of the travel tv biz. Enjoy! And remember to subscribe! Press the green play button below to listen in. Follow along. And don’t forget to subscribe!

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  1. your tenacity through all this dream you had is inspiring to say the least and thank goodness for the PBS in the Panhandle , our home , for getting the ball rolling! The things great about your show is the unscripted, totally real thrill you both have wherever you are – unrehearsed and real with no pretension – just Dusty and Nik showing great places through excitement! That’s the best way for we, the viewer, to experience other places as if we were actually there! Thx so much and if I had the money I would sponsor TWO FOR THE ROAD in a heart beat! Love y’all and your show so much!

  2. Mary Quinn

    Hey Nick & Dusty, my husband & I first discovered your show on our local pbs station and I am hooked! I can’t get enough. I have been visiting your website to catch up with shows I haven’t seen and I am enjoying the behind the scenes content and your podcast. It is a wonderful escape for me as a healthcare worker. I am thankful for the break from any mention or thought of “ the virus”.
    Have you visited the littlest state in the Union? That’s where at least two of your biggest fans (my husband & I ) live! (Rhode Island)
    Looking forward to more traveling, podcasts and your book!
    Mary & Mike Quinn

    • First off, thank you SO much for being on the front lines of this thing. We can’t even imagine the stress and the heartache. So from the bottom of our hearts, thank you! And thank you for the kind words about the show. We sure appreciate you watching! We’ve sadly only stayed one night in Rhode Island. We’d love to get back and explore and film there. Thanks again for all of your support for the show and the podcast. It means so much to us! Please take care! Cheers!

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