The Two for the Road Podcast Episode 7: The Wildest Things We’ve Ever Eaten Around the World! And Will COVID-19 Change All That?

From fried tarantula to roasted guinea pig to earthworm cake and so many more in between, the world is full of delicious, fascinating, controversial and sometimes revolting things to try and taste. In this episode, Nik and Dusty chat about some of the wildest and weirdest things they’ve eaten in their travels – including one particular thing that was too gory for the TV show, the craziest thing they’ve seen another person eat, and a few of the things they will absolutely, positively never try. And will COVID-19 bring an end to the “bizarre foods” craze? It’s a delicious and nutritious episode! So enjoy. Subscribe. And Bon Appétit!

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And! Just in case you’re curious…

Click HERE to see Dusty eat fried tarantula in a market in Cambodia.

Click HERE to see us eating fried earthworm cake in Vietnam.

Click HERE to see Dusty eating rotten fermented shark (hakarl) in Iceland.

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Cheers y’all!

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P.S.: By the way! Here’s that photo of the guinea pig that we were served in Peru. It’s blurred, so click on it to see the actual clear image. It ain’t pretty.


  1. I love that your cat is named Willie Nelson 🙂 My first cat I ever had was named Waylon! Your podcasts are so funny. Love the show too.

    • How cool! Kindred spirits! Thank you so much! We sure appreciate you watching and listening!! 🙂

  2. having lived in Alaska around the native people I learned to respect their traditions and I can remember my folks telling me about eating horsemeat during WW11. SO I try to remember that each society has traditions that I would abhor but not judge. We all have no idea what we would eat it it meant living or dying so whom am I to judge. With that being said I’m with Nik on trying weird food – would not be a pretty sight. Love you two so much!

    • So true! You have to appreciate the traditions and respect the people just like we’d hope folks would do for us. But sometimes it gets a little hazy on just how far to go… So far, so good! Thanks so much, Cheri! We sure appreciate you watching and listening. Hope you and yours are doing well! 🙂

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