Yes! Two for the Road Season Three is Finally Here Y’all! Let’s Go!

[Updated October 3, 2019]

It’s happening guys! Y’all ready? Season three of Two for the Road is officially underway. And here’s the epic official trailer!

We’re both so, so proud and excited to show y’all this, so grateful to continue along this incredible journey, and so thankful to you guys for all of your love and support for us and for the show. Y’all are the absolute best! And with that said, we still need a couple of really big favors from you guys, in order to make sure that Two for the Road will be available where you live. More about that down below the video. So please read on, after you’ve had the chance to watch the trailer. But first! Here it is! A look at some of the big adventures that await in season three. Enjoy!

Heck yes! Let’s go!

Season three of Two for the Road includes 13 brand-new episodes, and takes us across four continents and through more than a dozen countries in search of fascinating cultures, spectacular sights and incredible adventures. From the high deserts of Bolivia, across the other-worldly landscapes of Iceland, to the streets of Vietnam and so many places in between, it’s a fascinating thrill ride around the globe that is entertaining, educational and inspiring. And we sure hope you’ll come along!

Two for the Road season three premieres on local public television stations (PBS stations) across the United States beginning in September 2019. BUT! We want to make absolute sure that you’ll be able to watch Two for the Road on your local public television (PBS) station! And in order to make that happen, we need you guys to contact your local station and let them know you want them to carry Two for the Road! The show will be distributed nationwide in September, but the stations all decide individually for themselves which programs they want to carry. And if they don’t hear from you, there’s a decent chance they won’t pick us up. So give them a shout! Whether by email, phone, Facebook, skywriting, whatever. ๐Ÿ™‚

Just be sure to let them know, and the sooner the better. Most stations decide on their programming a couple of months in advance. So if y’all want to see the new season when it premieres in September, best to holler at your local station now! (Click here to learn how the whole PBS/Create thing works.)

As you guys know, we’re a tiny operation. It’s just the two of us doing everything for the show: shooting, hosting, editing, producing, writing, the whole nine yards. And we don’t have any kind of marketing team (or marketing budget for that matter). So we really rely on y’all to reach out to your local stations, and to spread the word about the show to friends and family. By doing that, we hope to not only reach more folks of course – but we also hope it gives you guys a sense of ownership in the show. Because there is no show without you guys, and we’re just so very very thankful for all of your love and support.

So thanks a million y’all! We really hope you love the trailer, and hope you’ll get to see Two for the Road where you live! And holler at us anytime. Love to hear from you!

Cheers gang! And we’re excited to have you on board for this crazy ride. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. Barbara Walter

    As an avid traveler, I love seeing your adventures. You have given me a few ideas about where to go next. I watch in Sacramento,Ca on KVIE PBS. Keep going…you are inspiring everyone!

    • Hey, Barbara! Thank you so much for watching! And if you ever have any questions about any of the places we’ve been, please don’t hesitate to ask! Sure glad to have you along for the ride!

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