Photo Gallery: The Spectacular Plants, Animals and Landscapes of the Galapagos Islands

Hey there gang! Sure hope y’all enjoyed our latest adventure around the spectacular Galapagos Islands. What a time!
So y’all might remember we first visited the Galapagos a few years ago, and our adventure there was featured in the season finale back in Two for the Road season one. Well, our great friends at Latin Trails and Adventure Life brought us back to the Galapagos once again to film another episode for season three, and to experience these incredible islands in a whole new way. We spent this most recent trip filming around the southern and eastern islands of the archipelago, which as is turns out are so very different from the western islands, which we explored last time. But no matter where you travel throughout the Galapagos, every island, every landscape and every encounter is just absolutely spectacular!

Here are a handful of photos from our most recent trip, and a little bit about each in the captions. Check ’em out! And holler if you have any questions or comments. We’d love to hear from you!

Cheers everybody. Thanks for joining us on this big adventure!
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