Two for the Road Begins Airing Nationwide Next Week!

Posted: December 27, 2016

Howdy gang! Hope you and yours are enjoying a wonderful holiday season!

It’s just so crazy to think that in just a few days 2016 will be a memory, and we’ll be living in the year 2017. Crazy! Maybe it’s just because we’re getting older, but it sure seems like every year goes by just a little bit quicker than the last. Don’t you think? But on the bright side? Well, for one, most folks are probably pretty happy to get 2016 behind them. ‘Cause it’s sure been one heckuva year. Plus the start of the new year means that our little adventure travel TV show will be kicking off in several markets across the US! As early as next Monday in some places. So how cool is that?

The other cool part is that we’re finally, finally getting our first sense of where the show is going to air! One of the crazy things about working in the public television universe is that generally speaking we don’t have any idea of what stations are actually going to run the show until it shows up in their individual program guides. The stations are under no obligation to tell us if they’re going to run our show, and again, generally speaking, they don’t tell us. So we have to surf their websites and program guides ourselves, and/or rely on you guys, in order to find out. And we’ve got great news! Turns out we’ve got a lot of really great markets on board right out of the gate!

So check this out. We’ve created a special page on our website to keep track of where and when the show will be running in markets across the country, keeping in mind of course that every station decides for itself when to run any particular program, so the days and times will vary. And the list is very much a fluid document, as we’ll be adding stations and markets as time goes by. So keep checking back!

Here it is! Click this banner link to open our “Where to Watch on TV” page, and see if your market is listed! If not, then come back and read on below…




Don’t See Your City/Station Listed? That Means We Still Need Your Help!

Okay. So. If your city/local station isn’t listed, that means one of three things: either the station is planning to run the show a little later, say starting in February or March (several stations tell us they’re planning to do just that), or they still haven’t heard about our show, or they’ve heard about the show but simply aren’t interested in running it.

As we’ve discovered throughout this process, just getting stations to take a quick look at the show and what it’s about is a monumentally difficult task, especially considering we’re brand new and it’s just the two of us doing all the legwork. We’ve been trying really hard these last several months to reach out to all the PBS stations around the country and make our introduction, and we’ve been very warmly received by a lot of them. But by and large, it’s been really, really tough to get anybody to answer the phone and/or respond to an email. We even had one station literally turn us away at the door. And that part hasn’t been fun.

But! We’re in this for the long haul. And we still believe that we can get many, many more markets on board as the show matures and word gets around. But we still very much need your help with that “getting the word out” part! So! If you don’t see your station listed, reach out to them via email and/or social media and see if they’re planning on carrying the show where you live. If so, do us a solid and find out when they plan on airing it so we can add them to the list (because again, they typically won’t tell us directly). And if not, let them know about the show and that you’d love to see it on their airwaves! The difference between a station deciding to carry the show or not to carry the show can be as simple as that. You, as a viewer, have more power and sway than you might think!

As always we so, so, so appreciate your help, and all the love and support! And like we said, keep checking back for updates!

Cheers y’all! Happy new year and happy travels! Hope y’all enjoy the show!

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