So It Turns Out Nik’s a Tarantula Whisperer. Who Knew?

So we’re back home here in Texas for a short spell. And it’s flat-out gorgeous around these parts this time of year, especially in the evenings. So we decided to go for a little ride around the neighborhood last night, and THIS happened. Because, well, Texas. Never a dull moment ’round these parts! And yeah… who knew Nik was a tarantula whisperer? 🙂

This is actually a Texas brown tarantula, and they’re on the move this time of year. Living in the Texas Panhandle/West Texas, you know that it’s not uncommon to see dozens or even hundreds of these little guys wandering across the back roads and highways as they go in seek of food… and love, of course. It can be a crazy sight.

And while they look pretty nasty, they’re actually very placid little fellas. If you couldn’t tell. LOL They CAN bite as a defense mechanism, but that’s generally believed to be only as a last resort. And even at that the bite is mild, like a bee sting we’re told. Fascinating, beautiful little creatures! Cheers y’all!
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  1. So sweet how much empathy y’all have. I love kind people.

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