Underwater Adventure in the Bahamas (VIDEO)


So. It’s certainly not every day you get to explore the beautiful, crystal clear waters of the Bahamas. And then to see and swim with sharks on top of that?! Yep. As you could tell, that day was a pretty good day for us. 🙂

1When you visit the Bahamas – even on a day trip during a cruise stop – you’ve got lots and lots and lots of things you can do and places you can see. But if you don’t take a chance to explore some of the country’s magnificent marine life you’re really missing the boat (awesome pun totally intended). Obviously if you’re into scuba diving at all you know the Bahamas is like an underwater heaven on earth. But for the rest of us who haven’t taken the time or spent the money to get properly certified for scuba (one day… one day…), there are still many, many fantastic options.

We’re big snorkelers, and we’ve been lucky enough to snorkel in some of the most beautiful waters anywhere. Mexico. The Caribbean. Costa Rica. Hawaii. And yes, the Bahamas. We love snorkeling and think of it as a springboard that will one day actually propel us into proper scuba diving. But for some reason we’ve always been hesitant to branch out to try some of those other modes of underwater exploration, including these SUB-type contraptions. Maybe because we always considered it a bit touristy. Maybe because we’d rather have the freedom and range that snorkeling provides. Maybe both, who knows. So suffice it to say that doing the SUB tour at Stuart Cove’s wasn’t necessarily something we’d get excited about.

In planning for our Bahamas adventure, however, we reached out to the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism who recommended the SUB tour as an excellent alternative to actual scuba diving. And of course, there was the added possibility that we could encounter sharks on the dive. Giddyup. So with the ministry’s help we got hooked up with the folks at Stuart Cove’s and decided to give the SUBs a shot.
Bahamas SUB AdventureThe video pretty well explains it. You take the bus from Nassau down to the south side of the island where Stuart’s is located. You get signed up, sit through a short 5-10 minute safety presentation, then get on the boat with the group and go. Then once you get to the dive site, they lower each SUB into the water by crane, and you just slide right up into the thing and rocket around the reef like you’re riding a scooter. Far out and very cool.

But if there’s one thing the video doesn’t do justice, it’s the underwater world that awaits you on the trip. The water is amazingly clear and when you submerge you’re immediately surrounded by thousands of colorful fish. As you scoot around underwater you can glide right past the colorful reef formations – and yes, it’s quite possible you’ll come across a shark or two. (Actually, after your SUB ride is over they let you snorkel around the reef for a while before heading back, and we were able to literally get out and swim with the shark hanging out on the reef. One of the coolest, most frightening, most exhilarating things we’ve done.)
Bahamas SUB AdventureSo, yeah. It was an awesome time. And it only added fuel to our fire to one day take the time and become bona-fide scuba junkies.

The other thing worth noting about our experience is that the people at Stuart Cove’s were super cool (as people are all around the Bahamas). Very friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. Our sincere thanks to everybody there for making it such a groovy experience.

Got questions? Want to know more? As always you can hit us up anytime through our website contact form, or on our Facebook page. And next time you’re in the Bahamas, check out the SUB experience at Stuart’s and let us know how it went!

Cheers y’all!

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More info:

Stuart Cove’s: www.stuartcove.com

Bahamas Ministry of Tourism: www.bahamas.com

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  1. As a certified diver with lots of friends who are not, this would be super fun experience as a group! Great video!

    • Nikki Green

      For sure Nikki! I think it would be awesome to do as a group! And we’re super jealous! We’ve got to get certified sooner than later! Hope you guys are doing well 🙂

  2. Lorna Wade

    I so want your lifestyle….lol…….you have such fun and joy in your life

    • Nikki Green

      Awww. Thanks Lorna. We do love life and feel very blessed to be able to do what we do! Cheers!

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