UPDATE! And Our Super Cool GoPro Giveaway Winner Is…

Hey gang! Okay. So. We’ve got some good news and some bad news…

Good news is, our GoPro Givewaway winner has been confirmed! Yay! And we’re so stinkin’ excited for her! Bad news is, well, for the rest of you guys, our winner has been confirmed. ūüôā But hey! Another very cool giveaway is just around the corner.

So in case you’re wondering, here’s how this whole thing works. We take our (growing) list of awesome subscribers and copy and paste it into this special computer program, which chooses a single name at random and sends it back to us. And that name was….?

The Hibiscus Traveller

Meet¬†Jemma Sadrugu, but you can call her Jem. Also known as The Hibiscus Traveller. And as luck would have it, she and her partner Luke are aspiring travel bloggers/vloggers who, as it turns out, bought an old GoPro camera for themselves not long ago – only to find out the GoPro was a complete lemon. Here’s some of what she wrote us when she found out she’d won:

Myself and my partner Luke left Australia in July last year to travel around Europe for 3 months and then live in London, where we are now. This whole adventure is how we came about starting The Hibiscus Traveller! It’s all still in the early days, but we love doing it and hope to really turn it into something special!¬†

We actually bought a second hand go pro 1 before we left Рbut after a couple of plays with it, it starting freezing every time we filmed and was not great quality and had a damaged battery (I think we got scammed :-() This is really encouraging for us and we are definitely taking it as a sign from the universe to pursue our dream of travelling the world and sharing it through our blog and photos and videos to inspire others to get out there and explore! 

So how cool is that? Not that they got scammed obviously, but that after getting scammed she wound up winning a brand new GoPro from us? The universe is a crazy cool place indeed. And it gives us the warm goofies on the inside to know that they’ll be using the camera to pursue their dreams of travel, storytelling and inspiring others. Good stuff indeed.

So again, BIG congrats to Jem and Luke, and we hope like us you’ll be following their adventures on The Hibiscus Traveller website¬†(link HERE). And again, our sincere thanks to all of our subscribers for following our adventures and being a part of the Two for the Road family. We’ve got a special gift for all of you coming soon, as well as another groovy giveaway coming down the pike. [If you’re not a subscriber, we hope you’ll join us by entering your email where it says “Join Our Community” to the upper right. It’s easy, fast and free!]

Cheers y’all!

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