VIDEO: A Texas Panhandle Safari in the Super Cool American Safari JXL

[Posted March 15, 2020]

Hey guys! So y’all probably know by now that when we’re not traveling, we’re happily tucked away here in our little home in the town of Howardwick on the rolling plains of the Texas Panhandle. We’re Panhandle natives, born and raised. And aside from the eight or nine years we lived down in Austin, we’ve always proudly called the Panhandle home. And we always will.

That’s a head-scratcher for a lot of folks, who by their own admission just don’t get why. For folks who pass through the Panhandle as they travel from point A to point B, and even for a lot of folks who’ve actually lived in this area their entire lives. With all the beautiful places around the world, they ask, why? And that’s easy enough to understand. At its surface, and without the benefit of being able to see much more than what you see out the car window as you drive through, it’s easy to see and accept the media’s stereotypical and widespread depiction of the High Plains of Texas: a flat, dusty, windy stretch of uninteresting flyover country. Truth be told, there are still plenty of folks living here who unfortunately feel the same way. And we’ll admit, back in the days before we really started traveling we’d have to say we started to get a little bored with life here, which is probably one of the reasons we started enjoying traveling so much.

Then everything changed.

Travel opened our eyes to a lot of new experiences and new ways of looking at and thinking about things. Which has been absolutely transformative for the both of us, in so many important and fundamental ways. And as much as travel has opened our eyes and our minds and our hearts to the rest of the world, it has done the same for the way we’ve always looked at, thought about and felt about the place we call home. We’ve rediscovered this place. And that’s been the coolest, coolest thing.

These days, we’re happy to say that a great deal of our “spare time” is spent getting out and exploring this place that we just thought we’d always known. And the more we drive, the more we explore, the more things we see and more people we meet, the more we just fall in love with it all every day. That’s deep, we know. But that doesn’t mean it ain’t true.

And so! With that in mind, we thought we’d take y’all along for a ride, for what we like to call our “Panhandle Safaris.” On pretty days around these parts, we just love to get in the car and go. And rarely do we come back to the house without having seen something entirely new and very, very cool. More about that, and about some of the locations in this video, down below. Meantime, y’all enjoy the ride:


Isn’t that cool?

All the video and drone shots (and several of the photos) were taken over the course of two days last month. And keep in mind, February isn’t exactly the prettiest month around here! We’re so glad that warmer weather is coming, and we’re actually getting some rain, and soon the trees will bloom, everything will green up, and the wildflowers will cover these rolling plains like a big, beautiful blanket. All of which will make our safari drives exponentially cooler.

We hope you noticed that on this particular safari drive, we were actually riding in a safari! The American Safari JXL, in fact which we’re proud to say is built right here in the Texas Panhandle by our great friends over at Red River Rigs, who lent us the Jeep they call “Gobi” for the weekend. These things are amazing machines! Every bit as cool as they look. You can see from the video and the photos below how they’re outfitted for overlanding and family camping, and Glen and the gang at Red River Rigs can design and build each vehicle custom for each customer. We’re proud and very thankful to call them our friends and our partners! And you’ll be seeing more of Gobi in the future…

Here are some more photos from our shoot that weekend! And a Texas-sized thanks to the good folks at Caprock Canyons State Park, Lake Mackenzie near Silverton and Greenbelt Lake near Clarendon for giving all of us the chance to explore and enjoy these beautiful places.

Y’all let us know what you think! And drop us a line if you’re coming to or passing through the Texas Panhandle and would like to know more. We’d love to share the Panhandle with you!

Cheers guys!

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  1. this was so beautiful it made me want to cry. the music made it even better!

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